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Corneal Transplant

Corneal transplant - Overview

The surgery usually is finished within 1 hour. An anesthetic will be used so patients don’t feel any pain. In corneal transplant,

During laser treatment, a laser is used to close leaky blood vessels in the eye. It may be used to treat:

  1. The eye is held open with a speculum (A)
  2. A laser is used to make an initial cut in the existing cornea (B)
  3. The surgeon uses scissors to remove it (C)
  4. Donor cornea is placed (D)
  5. It is stitched with very fine sutures (E)

Risks & Complications

Cornea transplant is a serious surgery. Even though it is safe, it does have a low risk of complications, including:

  • Eye infection
  • Glaucoma
  • Problems with the stitches
  • Rejection of the donor cornea
Before Surgery:
  1. Get an eye exam from an eye doctor to make sure the surgery is safe
  2. Inform the doctor of all the medicines and treatments you are taking
After the Surgery:
  1. Follow the doctor and counsellor’s instructions closely. Take eye drops or medicines as advised.
  2. Protect your eye from injury
  3. Return for follow-ups with an eye doctor
  4. Avoid bathing in unclean river water