Leading Top 10 Pediatric Orthopedists in UAE

Top 10 Pediatric Orthopedists in UAE showcase advancements, establishing the country as a pinnacle for innovative orthopedic treatments.

These experts handle various musculoskeletal issues, injuries, and degenerative conditions, meeting specific patient needs with diverse procedures.

The changing orthopedic field in the UAE shows improvements due to better care and important advancements in treatments and practices.

Evolution of Orthopedic Surgery

The evolution of Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery has been marked by significant advancements and transformations over the years.

At first, doctors mostly treated bone, joint, and muscle problems in kids, like issues they were born with or that developed. As medical knowledge expanded, so did the scope of pediatric orthopedic care.

Throughout history, advancements in surgery, diagnostic tools, and technology have transformed the field. Pediatric orthopedic surgeons improved minimally invasive techniques.

Consequently, these advancements allow for more precise surgeries with smaller incisions and reduced recovery times. Ultimately, these innovations have significantly improved outcomes and the quality of life for young patients.”

Additionally, the emergence of advanced imaging technologies like MRI, CT scans, and ultrasound has enhanced diagnostic accuracy, enabling orthopedic surgeons to better assess and understand complex pediatric musculoskeletal conditions.

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Specialized Areas of Orthopedic Surgery

  • Joint Replacement Surgery: The UAE boasts world-class orthopedic surgeons specializing in hip, knee, and shoulder replacements. These procedures have seen tremendous advancements, with the utilization of durable prosthetics and minimally invasive approaches, resulting in quicker recovery times and improved functionality for patients.
  • Sports Medicine: With a focus on athletes’ needs, orthopedic surgeons in the UAE excel in sports-related injuries. Advanced techniques in arthroscopy, ligament repairs, and tendon reconstructions are commonly employed to help athletes regain optimal performance levels.
  • Spine Surgery: The treatment of spinal conditions has been revolutionized with minimally invasive spinal surgeries. Surgeons adeptly address issues such as herniated discs, spinal deformities, and spinal fusions using techniques that reduce pain and expedite recovery.
  • Orthopedic Oncology: The UAE houses experts in orthopedic oncology who specialize in treating bone cancers. Innovative surgical methods coupled with radiation and chemotherapy help in effectively managing and treating these complex conditions.

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Medical Tourism and Accessibility

The UAE’s commitment to healthcare excellence has positioned it as a destination for medical tourism, attracting patients from around the world seeking high-quality orthopedic care. 

International patients are drawn not only by the expertise of surgeons but also by the world-class facilities and patient-centric approach offered by hospitals and clinics across the country.

Moreover, accessibility to orthopedic care, including the expertise of the top 10 orthopedic doctors, has been enhanced through the establishment of specialized orthopedic centers.

This ensures patients have immediate access to comprehensive treatment options and expert consultations.

Embracing Innovation and Research

Orthopedic surgeons in the UAE actively engage in research and development, contributing to the global body of knowledge in orthopedic medicine. 

International collaborations and clinical trial involvement have introduced new techniques and treatments, raising the standard of patient care.

The field of orthopedics in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) boasts a cohort of exceptionally skilled and dedicated practitioners. 

These top 10 orthopedic doctors stand out for their expertise, dedication to patient care, and remarkable contributions to the field among the multitude of professionals.

These esteemed individuals have not only advanced orthopedic medicine but have also garnered widespread respect and trust within the medical community and among their patients.

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The Top 10 Pediatric Orthopedists are:

Dr. Mohamed Abdurraouf Elghabrun

With an impressive career spanning over 50 years, Dr. Mohamed Abdurraouf Elghabrun is a distinguished Orthopaedic and Joint Replacement Surgeon practicing at the Canadian Specialist Hospital in Dubai, UAE. 

His vast expertise covers General Orthopedics, Traumatology, and Pediatric Orthopedics, specializing in osteotomies, joint arthrodesis, congenital hip dislocation, spastic palsy surgery, knee & hip replacements. 

Holding an MBBS from Alexandria University and prestigious fellowships from Royal Colleges in England and Edinburgh, he’s also an Honorary FRCS recipient from the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Glasgow. 

Actively engaged in esteemed orthopedic boards and committees, Dr. Elghabrun’s commitment shines through in providing exceptional care and innovative solutions to his patients in Dubai, UAE.

Dr. Imtiaz Hashmi

Dr. Imtiaz Hashmi stands as a distinguished Orthopaedic and Joint Replacement Surgeon based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with a rich career spanning over 36 years.

Renowned for his expertise in Orthopedics and Spine surgery, Dr. Hashmi boasts a wide array of specialized skills and knowledge.

His proficiency extends to performing knee and hip joint replacements, conducting arthroscopic ACL reconstructions, addressing various spinal deformities through surgeries, and employing minimally invasive spinal procedures including kyphoplasty and vertebroplasty.

Notably, he excels in spinal stenosis surgeries, complex revision spine operations, managing spinal tumors, infections, and treating fractured spines.

Currently serving at the Medcare Orthopaedics & Spine Hospital in Dubai, his extensive experience and proficiency in intricate procedures have solidified his reputation as a prominent figure in the field.

Dr. Gavin Malcolm Spence

Dr. Gavin is a distinguished Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon at Burjeel Hospital in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, offering over 24 years of expertise in both surgical and non-surgical interventions.

He specializes in various areas, including Infant Hip Dysplasia management, Acquired Limb Deformity Reconstruction, Limb Lengthening, Pediatric Trauma & Fractures, Cerebral Palsy, neuromuscular conditions, Clubfoot, complex foot deformities, Syndromic Conditions, and more.

Dr. Gavin has performed 4000+ procedures and pioneered complex pediatric limb deformity corrections in the UK using Circular External Fixation and/or Intramedullary Limb Lengthening with Wittenstein Fitbone techniques.

Dr. R. Alexis Jude Dominic Xavier

Dr. R. Alexis Jude Dominic Xavier, a distinguished Paediatric Orthopedician practicing at Aster Hospital in Mankhool, United Arab Emirates, brings over 17 years of comprehensive expertise in orthopedics.

He offers a range of services encompassing Keyhole, Spine surgeries (Cervical and Lumbar, disc prolapse, and fractures), Arthroplasty of Knee and Hip, Hand Surgeries (Tendon and Bony injuries), Arthroscopic Surgeries, and specialized Pediatric Orthopaedics.

He obtained his MBBS degree from St John’s Medical College in Bangalore, India, followed by his MS (Ortho) from the same esteemed institution.

Dr. Anand Gorva

Dr. Anand Gorva, a distinguished Paediatric Orthopedician situated in Dubai at Medcare Orthopaedics & Spine Hospital, boasts over 19 years of extensive experience.

He specializes in various pediatric orthopedic areas like cerebral palsy, clubfoot, hip disorders (DDH, slipped capital femoral epiphysis, Perthes disease, early arthritis, AVN congenital coxa vara), and scoliosis.

After completing his graduation and post-graduation from esteemed universities, he pursued fellowships in pediatric ortho and limb construction at the renowned Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Ahmed Moursy

Dr. Ahmed Moursy, a distinguished Paediatric Orthopedician at Zulekha Hospital in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, holds a profound 18+ years of experience as an Orthopedic & Joint Replacement Surgeon, specializing in diverse orthopedic and spine surgeries.

He pursued his graduation and post-graduation in Egypt, further enhancing his expertise with a fellowship in Japan. Additionally, he contributes as a lecturer at a faculty of medicine, showcasing his commitment to education in the field.

Dr. Ahmed Doheim
Dr. Ahmed Doheim, a celebrated Paediatric Orthopedician situated in Dubai at Medcare Orthopaedics & Spine Hospital, holds an extensive 17+ years of experience in the field and specializes in various areas within Paediatric Orthopaedics, focusing on hip disorders, pediatric trauma, limb lengthening and reconstruction, and many more.
Moreover, he exhibits expertise in congenital anomalies of upper and lower extremities, neuromuscular disorder (cerebral palsy and brachial plexus palsy), and muscle transfers for paralytic conditions.
Dr. Mostafa Kamal Kotb Ali
Dr. Mostafa Kamal Kotb Ali, a distinguished Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon based at Burjeel Hospital in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, brings over 11 years of extensive experience in the field.
Graduating from the Faculty of Medicine at Ain – Shams University, Egypt, he attained his M.B.B.Ch. Subsequently, he pursued and completed his Masters and Ph.D. in Orthopedic Surgery.
He gained expertise with a Diploma in Limb Reconstructive Surgery & Deformity Correction from AICPD.
Dr. Pankaj Pandit

Dr. Pankaj Pandit, a Senior Consultant at Saudi German Hospital Ajman, excels in Orthopaedic Surgery and Joint Replacements for 20 years.

Proficient in Arthroscopy, Sports Medicine, Foot, Ankle, Hand, Wrist, Hip, Knee, and Shoulder surgeries.

Doctor Pandit excels in Joint Replacement Injuries, Arthroscopy, Trauma Surgeries, Pelvis and Acetabulum Surgeries, Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeries, and Spine Surgeries. 

Dr. Kahtan Georgis

Dr. Kahtan Georgis, a Senior Consultant at Saudi German Hospital Dubai, holds 20+ years’ expertise in Paediatric Orthopedics in Dubai.

Proficient in treating Trauma, Congenital and developmental anomalies, Skeletal dysplasia, Cerebral palsy, and rare diagnoses associated with skeletal manifestations. 

Pediatric orthopedic expert, affiliations with Swedish Board of Health and Emirates Medical Association show commitment to excellence and growth.


Furthermore, orthopedic surgery in the UAE excels with cutting-edge advancements, spanning joint replacements, sports medicine, spinal treatments, and oncology.

Embracing technology and minimally invasive methods, surgeons benefit from advanced imaging for precise diagnoses.

Renowned for excellence, the UAE attracts global patients seeking superior orthopedic care. Moreover, with specialized centers and research collaborations, orthopedic specialists continually innovate, elevating patient outcomes.

Top 10 orthopedic experts affirm UAE’s excellence in orthopedic treatments, attracting patients seeking exceptional care in the region.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the potential risks associated with the surgery?

Potential risks associated with orthopedic surgery may encompass infection, bleeding, nerve damage, and adverse reactions to anesthesia. But hey, don’t worry! Before your surgery, the surgeon will sit down with you and go through all these potential risks in detail.

What is the expected recovery time?

Recovery time post-surgery varies based on the procedure and individual body response to it. It could be a few weeks to several months before you’re fully recovered. But don’t worry, the surgeons will give you a clear idea of what to expect.

What lifestyle changes or restrictions will I face post-surgery?

After the procedure, you might need to alter your routine, avoid certain activities, or follow a rehabilitation plan.

What pre-surgical preparations are necessary?

Preparations might include medical tests, lifestyle changes, medications, or stopping certain medications or supplements before surgery.

Will I need assistance at home during recovery?

It’s possible, especially immediately after surgery. Doctor & Medical team will advise on post-operative care and whether assistance or modifications to your home are necessary.

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