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Cancer Treatment

Cancer treatment is the process of removing or neutralizing the abruptly grown carcinogenic cells. Genetic alterations that disrupt this well-ordered process are the cause of cancer. Uncontrollable cell growth starts to occur. There are numerous cancer therapies. You might undergo one treatment or a combination of treatments, depending on your specific circumstance.


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About Cancer

Cells are the building blocks of the human body. When the body requires new cells, existing cells grow and divide to produce them. Cells typically pass away when they get too old or damaged. New cells then replace the old ones. 

A mass of these cells known as a tumor may develop. A tumor may be benign or malignant. Malignant refers to the ability of a cancerous tumor to develop and metastasize to different body regions. If a tumor is benign, it can enlarge but won't spread.

There are different treatment methods a cancer can be treated as:

  • Primary Treatment 
  • Adjuvant Treatment
  • Palliative Treatment


Procedure of Cancer

Treatment of cancer can be done in different methods as mentioned above. It has been observed that when detected early, cancer can be treated with right treatment and after care. 

Primary Treatment: The goal of a primary treatment is to completely remove the carcinogenic cells from the body or kill all the cancer cells. Any cancer treatment can be employed as the first line of defense, however surgery is the most popular primary cancer treatment for the most prevalent cancer forms. You might use these as the main course of treatment if your cancer is highly susceptible to radiation therapy or chemotherapy.

Adjuvant Treatment: Adjuvant therapy aims to eliminate any cancer cells that might still exist after primary treatment to lessen the likelihood that the disease will return. Adjuvant therapy can be applied to any cancer treatment. Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and hormone therapy are examples of common adjuvant treatments.

Palatable Treatment: Palliative care can help with cancer-related symptoms as well as side effects from therapy. Symptom relief techniques include hormone therapy, chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. Other drugs may help with symptoms including pain and breathlessness.


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