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Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic surgery such as cosmetic surgery, which tries to enhance a person's appearance, should be used cautiously. 

When a person elects to have an operation or invasive medical procedure to alter their physical appearance for cosmetic rather than medical reasons, this is known as cosmetic surgery.

Dermal fillers and other non-surgical cosmetic procedures like Botox, which are frequently used to smooth out or relax wrinkles, are not surgical. There are still dangers involved, though.


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About Cosmetic Surgery

Consider your expectations carefully before deciding to undergo a cosmetic operation, and ask for a thorough description of the expected outcomes.

Inquire about any potential side effects or difficulties, as well as what to anticipate following the surgery. Although the technique or surgery may alter your appearance and boost your confidence, it won't necessarily result in your "ideal" body image or alter the course of your life.

It's normal to experience some anxiety, whether it's anticipation for your anticipated new appearance or worry about the procedure. Do not be embarrassed to communicate your feelings with your doctor. Look for a second opinion if you don't feel at ease with the doctor.


Procedure of Cosmetic Surgery

In cosmetic procedures, a variety of techniques and procedures are used, including facelift, eyelid surgery, body contouring, dermabrasion, laser skin resurfacing, implants and liposuction. 

Facelift: The scalp and the area around the ear have skin cuts. Then it is cut free from the supporting tissue, pushed closer, and sewn. The extra skin is removed. 

Eyelid Surgery:The eyelids are trimmed all the way down to the wrinkles known as "crow's feet" at the outside corners. The extra skin and fat are eliminated. Remaining wrinkles can also be treated with laser resurfacing. 

Chemical Peel: The outermost layers of skin are removed via a chemical peel. The face is cleaned with a solution, which is then covered with lotion or tape or left exposed.

Dermaberasion: Under local or general anesthesia, the face is subjected to a device resembling an electric sander. The skin surface is scraped off by the fast revolving pad's abrasive surface.

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