Medical Visa from Ethiopia to India

People who want to receive medical care in India should apply for a medical visa. The hospitals that the applicants choose must be trustworthy, renowned, and specialized. Only two medical personnel may accompany a patient travelling to India. Patients looking for reasonably priced, top-notch medical care now have a lot of options thanks to medical tourism. Ethiopian medical tourists are among those who travel to India as their favorite destination. Your path to better health starts with a medical visa to India. 

What is known as a Medical Visa?

Only individuals who are travelling for medical treatment are eligible for a medical visa. Short-term stays are typically permitted under medical visas to cover the length of treatment. Some nations also provide sufferers’ companions companion visas. Other nations give a different kind of visa to medical companions. Other nations give a different kind of visa to medical companions. Many nations also issue dual-purpose visas and travel authorizations that cover both business and leisure travel.

Eligibility Criteria for Medical Visa from Ethiopia to India

  • Only those who have a sole purpose of traveling for medical treatment can obtain a medical visa.
  • Patients should seek treatment at a specialized healthcare center in India.
  • The patient is allowed with a maximum of two medical attendants to accompany them.
  • Serious ailments such as neurosurgery, joint replacements, renal disorders, cardiac problems, congenital disorders, organ transplantations, plastic surgery, gene therapy, and others are of primary consideration in granting a medical visa. 

Documents Necessary for Medical Visa Application

There are several necessary documents that one should keep in mind while applying for a medical visa to India from Ethiopia. 

1. Original passport with a validity of at least 6 months. If the applicant has dual nationality then both passports should be presented.

2. The visa application form should bear the signature of the applicant only which should match with the signature on his/her passport.

3. In the case of minors with a separate passport, you should submit a consent letter signed by both parents.

4. A copy of an official letter from the local doctor/hospital stating that the applicant requires specialized treatment and has received a referral to a hospital in India should be provided.

5. Copy of an official letter of appointment with a doctor in any reputed/recognized/specialized hospital or medical institution in India.

6. Financial proof of a current bank statement proving your economic stability to support yourself in your medical travel to India.

Duration of the Medical Visa

A medical visa to India typically allows for a longer stay compared to a regular tourist visa. The duration of your medical visa will depend on the treatment plan recommended by the hospital. Extensions are possible if additional treatment or recovery time is needed.

The Application Process

The 5 step application process

Online Application:

Create an account on the official visa website of the Indian government. Give accurate information on the online visa application form (e-Medical Visa) and upload the needed files.

Payment of Fees:

Pay the visa application fee, which can vary depending on your nationality and the duration of your visa. Payment can be made online using various payment methods.

Visa Interview:

Not all candidates are required to attend an interview, but if additional information is necessary, the Indian Embassy or Consulate may invite you to do so.

Processing Time:

A medical visa to India can take a while to process, but generally, it takes a few weeks. To account for any unanticipated delays, we suggest applying well in advance of your intended travel date.

Visa Approval:

If authorities approve your application, they will issue an e-visa, which you should print and carry with you when you travel.


Accessing top-notch medical care requires obtaining a medical visa from Ethiopia to India. One can smoothly manage the visa application procedure by adhering to the specifications and instructions provided in this manual, allowing you to concentrate on your medical care and recuperation. Your journey to health and wellness might become a reality due to the specialized medical facilities and knowledgeable healthcare specialists in India.

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