Migraine Treatment In India

The 21st-century lifestyle has triggered a number of disorders we are living with, and migraine is the most common among them. We turn a blind eye towards this silent, head-throbbing disorder, which almost ruins our work day.  Migraine treatment in India has been in recent talks over various platforms, but do you know why? 

And why would anyone on earth choose India for the migraine treatment? Get to know!

What Causes Migraine?

A neurological condition termed migraine is defined by recurrent periods of symptoms, or attacks, which typically include a headache, nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light, touch, smell, or sound, dizziness, vision problems, and tingling or numbness in the face, hands, or feet.

Migraine attacks can strike suddenly and without warning or they can be brought on by specific known triggers, such as skipping meals, being around smoke or air pollution, or going through a menstrual cycle that causes a change in hormone levels.

The average migraine episode lasts between four and seventy-two hours, though good therapy can cut that time in half. However, some migraine attacks may continue for much longer than 72 hours.


migraine treatment in India

Types of Migraine Headaches?

However, migraine is more than simply a headache; it is a crippling neurological condition that can manifest itself in a variety of ways, both with and without headache. Below, we discuss some typical migraine kinds as well as a number of different headache conditions and their symptoms.

Migraine with Aura:

Aura, a visual disturbance or change in feeling that often heralds an impending attack, is experienced by about 25% of persons who suffer from migraines.

Migraine without Aura:

Moderate to severe head pain episodes with pulsing or throbbing pain on one side of the head are the symptoms.

Retinal Migraine:

Temporary vision loss in one eye is a side effect of retinal migraine. Women of reproductive age are most likely to suffer from this type of migraine.

Common Triggers of Migraine Headache

Almost anything can cause a migraine attack. This implies that pinpointing your potential triggers can be very challenging. A migraine episode may also be brought on by a number of different factors working together. Furthermore, a trigger might not always result in a migraine attack, which might further complicate matters.

  1. Stress and other emotions: You must avoid places, situations, or relationships that elevate stress.
  2. Biological and environmental conditions: Such as hormonal shifts or exposure to light or smells can lead to severe migraines.
  3. Fatigue and sleep pattern: Regular episodes of migraine headaches must keep a check on fatigue and sleep patterns. Lack of sleep can worsen the migraine and may take longer for treatment.
  4. Weather changes: Migraine headaches with seasonal changes need to be checked upon, and migraine treatment must start with immediate effect.
  5. Certain foods and drinks: Often too cold and too hot food or beverages can affect the sensitive nerves in the brain. Therefore, you must make sure to eat and drink in the right quantity and quality.    

Affordable Migraine Treatment in India

The migraine treatment is effective when the patient is aware of the triggers that might affect, and has enough self-evaluation. Some important steps you may take are:

  1. Medications: Medications for pain alleviation and other conditions are frequently beneficial. As soon as symptoms appear, taking medicine may prevent them from getting worse. Some analgesics may help you to subside your migraine at large.
  2. Home Remedies: You may use flexible cold packs or masks or try staying in a quiet, darkened room. Also, if the situation allows, try sleeping, when necessary. These quick tips can alleviate your migraine in a short while. 
  3. Avoid Triggers: The most important thing is to avoid triggers that develop migraine pain. Do enough activities and eat enough food so that the brain is sufficiently oxygenated. 
  4. Regular Checkup: Even after precautions, if you suffer on-off migraine episodes, it’s important for you to get affordable and priority-based migraine treatment in India. 

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