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Today, we are going to help you reach the Best Oncologist in India, on whom you or your cancer-ridden dear ones can rely.  Know about the best oncology treatment in India.

Did you know? India stands after the USA in cancer treatment in the world. And this is because India has earned a strong name known for its affordable cancer treatment.

Along with advanced cancer treatment technologies and procedures, people across borders have been traveling to India for the same. 

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What does an Oncologist do?

An oncologist is a healthcare professional with expertise in identifying and treating cancer. 

In other words, an oncologist diagnosis &  cancer treatment. Thereafter, he decides on a course of treatment and goes over the advantages and disadvantages of each, making your treatment affordable and qualitative. 

Furthermore, the cancer surgeon and his team monitor your medical care and take charge of your aftercare. Oncology treatment can be done by using the following types.

Oncology Treatment In India

What are the Types of Cancer (Oncology) Treatments?


Mohs or Mohs Micrographic Surgery is a method used to remove high-risk skin cancer

It’s very accurate. Starting with the visible component of the tumor and a margin of skin cells surrounding it, your surgeon excises the tumor in layers.

Radiation Therapy

High-energy X-rays or other particles are used in radiation therapy as a cancer treatment to kill cancer cells. Radiation oncologists are medical professionals who specialize in administering radiation therapy as a cancer treatment. 


Chemotherapy medications are potent chemicals that kill cancerous cells at particular times of the cell cycle. The cell cycle is the process through which new cells are created in all living things. 

Chemotherapy has a greater impact on these rapidly proliferating cells because cancer cells go through this phase more quickly than normal cells.

There are companies that can offer you minimal-cost chemotherapy with world-class facilitated hospitals.


Mastectomy is a surgical procedure where all breast tissue is removed from the breast. It is done when the patient is likely to develop a tumor or has developed carcinogenic cells. 

A mastectomy might be a possible course of treatment for those with early-stage breast cancer. Another alternative is breast-conserving surgery, or lumpectomy, in which only the breast tumor is removed.

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Reach the Best Oncologist

Now since you have already come this far reading the blog, it becomes important for us to help you in getting the best oncologist in India to get the right cancer treatment.

We, at EdhaCare, are the best medical tourism company and have tie-ups with the diligent the best cancer doctors in India

  1. Dr. Rohan Khandelwal
  2. Dr. Adarsh Chaudhary
  3. Dr. Biswajyoti Hazarika

These super-specialists have been tirelessly working for cancer patients for more than a decade. Their rich experience and versatile treatment methodology, is surely getting you fit and fine, making you stand back on your feet again.

EdhaCare has been offering concessions on the treatment packages, which include telecounseling with the best medical oncologists, OPD, and surgeries. We have been offering visa assistance, airport picks and drops, hotel stays, vegetarian/non-vegetarian meals, and personal security. Local sim cards, and many more facilities for the medical tourists arriving in India. 

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