How Much Does Liver Transplant Cost in India?

Patients can suffer from numerous problems depending upon the time interval from the liver transplant in India. The major risk is from infections and rejection post-transplant. Besides, the long-term success rate of the liver transplant is also very high and one can expect 65%- 70% of survival rate 15-20 years subsequent to the transplant, the average cost of liver transplant in India is ranges $30,000 to $80,000 .

Each year, about 20-25 people per million of the world’s population need a liver transplant. This is why, it is important to know about liver transplant cost in India.

In India, around 2,00,000 people die of liver disease every year, and around 50,000 – 60,000 need a liver transplant cost in India. There are about 25,000 liver transplants being performed each year worldwide.

But in India, physicians could only perform a dismal 500 transplants in 2009 and 750 in 2010, as per a review article published in the Indian Journal of Transplantation, 2011. The three most common problems in the initial 1-2 years are biliary stricture, Infections like CMV, and rejection of the liver by the immunity of the body.

The cost of a liver transplant in India can vary significantly based on several factors, including the hospital or medical center you choose, the location within India, the type of transplant (cadaveric or living donor), the medical condition of the patient, the surgeon’s fees, post-operative care, and the overall medical expenses involved in the procedure.

  1. Cadaveric Liver Transplant: The cost can range from approximately $30,000 to $45,000 or more. This includes the cost of surgery, pre-transplant evaluation, hospitalization, post-operative care, and follow-up consultations.
  2. Living Donor Liver Transplant: This is usually more expensive due to the need for two surgeries (one for the donor and one for the recipient). The cost can range from approximately $40,000 to $80,000.

Common Reasons for Liver Transplantation

Patients suffering from liver failure have no other long-term solution than liver transplantation. The most common reasons to undergo liver transplantation are:

  • Genetic liver disorders
  • The final stage of Cirrhosis is due to chronic hepatitis, alcoholic cirrhosis, primary biliary sclerosis, or hemochromatosis.
  • Liver cancers like primary hepatocellular carcinoma, hepatic adenoma, Cholangiocarcinoma, and primary hepatocellular malignancies
  • Fulminant hepatic failure caused because of hepatic thrombosis, Fulminant viral hepatitis

Liver Transplant Cost in India

An indicative range for liver transplant cost in India ranges between USD 30,000 and USD 45,000. When compared to the price of the same treatment and care at hospitals in highly developed nations, this cost is significantly lower.

The liver transplant cost may vary (around 5%) depending on a number of variables, such as the type of transplant, the hospital, the patient’s general health state, and the length of the therapy. It is advised that patients should be accustomed to the cost of therapy as it depends on these variables.

Liver transplant cost in India is quite inexpensive when compared to the prices in nations like the United States, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Thailand, or Singapore. However, there are no differences in the facilities, level of service offered by the medical staff, hospitality, surgical skill, or success rates.

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Eligibility Criteria for Liver Transplant Cost in India

Not all people are suitable for undergoing liver transplant procedures. Following are the conditions given, which will clearly state which are the people who qualify and do not qualify for a liver transplant as it is not likely to be successful.

Liver transplant price in India

Factors Affecting Liver Transplant Cost In India

Liver transplantation is a complex and life-saving medical procedure that offers a ray of hope to individuals suffering from end-stage liver diseases. India has emerged as a prominent destination for liver transplants, attracting patients from across the globe. Several factors contribute to the popularity and success of liver transplants in India:

  • Expertise and Skilled Surgeons: India boasts a pool of highly trained and experienced liver transplant surgeons who have honed their skills both domestically and internationally. Their expertise ensures the highest standards of care.
  • Cost-effectiveness: The cost of liver transplants in India is comparatively lower than in many Western countries, making it an affordable option for patients seeking quality healthcare without breaking the bank.
  • Advanced Medical Infrastructure: Leading hospitals in India are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge technology, and modern transplant units that meet international standards.
  • Donor availability: The availability of donors is a major factor affecting liver transplant cost in India. There is a shortage of organ donors in India, which can lead to long waiting times for transplants.
  • Regulatory Framework: The country has a robust regulatory framework governing organ transplantation, ensuring transparency and ethics in the allocation of organs.
  • Infrastructure: India has a limited number of hospitals that are equipped to perform liver transplants. This can also lead to long waiting times and higher costs.
  • Medical Tourism: India’s well-established medical tourism industry offers logistical support to international patients, from travel arrangements to post-operative care.
  • Post-transplant Care: India offers comprehensive post-transplant care, including immunosuppressive medication and follow-up, contributing to the long-term success of the procedure.

Sneak Peak of Liver Transplantation in a Minute


Cost of liver transplant in India

Thus, from the above graphical representation, it can be observed that transplantation requires quite a time. The maximum liver transplant cost in India is USD 36,000 and the minimum is USD 20,000. The average cost goes to USD 26,000. In most cases, the procedure gets successful.

It has been witnessed over the years that out of every 100 liver transplant patients, 95 patients survive and live a normal healthy life. Generally, patients recover within 3-6 months after surgery. 

The survival rate of these patients after one year is 85% and 76% after three years of surgery. The survival rate is about 65-70% after fifteen to twenty years after the transplant.

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 Liver Transplant Cost in Major Cities in India

The incidence of liver transplant cost in India is quite high. The cost varies in different parts of India. Here is a quick description of the costs of liver transplantation in different parts of India.

City Hospital Liver transplant cost in USD
New Delhi Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals $25,000 – $35,000
Mumbai Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre $28,000 – $32,000
Chennai Global Hospitals $26,000 – $30,000
Kolkata AMRI Hospitals $24,000 – $28,000
Bangalore Narayana Health City $23,000 – $27,000
Hyderabad Apollo Hospitals, Jubilee Hills $22,000 – $26,000
Pune Ruby Hall Clinic $21,000 – $25,000
Ahmedabad Sterling Hospital $20,000 – $24,000
Jaipur Fortis Escorts Hospital $19,000 – $23,000


Key Highlights

Liver transplantation is a common procedure globally. There are generally four different types of surgeries that can be performed.  Organ transplant doctors in India choose which surgery to do based on the patient’s age, the type of liver donor, and liver condition. The average liver transplant cost in India ranges from around USD 30,000- 45,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you live 30 years after a liver transplant?

Indeed, a lot of people have successfully received liver transplants and gone on to live for 30 years or longer. The length of time typically varies on a number of variables, including general health, compliance with post-transplant treatment, and the particulars of the transplant.

2. How successful is liver transplant in India?

In general, liver transplants in India have a good success rate. The patient’s condition, the team’s level of expertise, and the post-transplant care all affect the result. Many people in India who had liver transplants have seen longer survival times and an improvement in their quality of life.

3. Are there several liver transplant kinds, and how much do they cost?

Indeed, there are various kinds of liver transplants, such as split liver transplants, alive donor transplants, and deceased donor transplants. The type of transplant, the hospital’s amenities, and other elements may affect the price. It is advised to talk with the transplant clinic about specific prices.

5. Are there any financial aid programs available to people in India who are in need of a liver transplant?

Indeed, there are organ transplant hospitals in India that provide financial aid to patients having liver transplants. Patients can check with the hospital about these programs or look into government programs and nonprofits that offer financial assistance for medical costs.

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