Tuberculosis Treatment in India

TB has been a contagious disease for many centuries, which is prevalent in many countries. Organizations globally have been trying hard to eradicate tuberculosis by discovering new tuberculosis treatment in India, as it is affordable & has high quality medical faculties. 

What is Tuberculosis?

A contagious illness called tuberculosis can infect your lungs or other tissues. The organs most frequently affected by it are the lungs, but it can also harm your spine, brain, or kidneys. The Latin root of the word “tuberculosis” means “nodule” or “anything that stands out.”

The majority of medications used to treat tuberculosis don’t work on many forms of the disease. For months, people with active tuberculosis must take a variety of medications to treat the infection and stop the development of antibiotic resistance.

Symptoms of Tuberculosis

Although the germs that cause tuberculosis can live in your body, your immune system typically works to keep you healthy. 

Latent TB

You may have a TB infection, but the germs are dormant and don’t show any signs of being active. It’s not communicable to have latent TB, commonly known as dormant TB or TB infection. Tuberculosis Treatment In India is crucial since it can develop into active TB.

Active TB

Often known as TB disease, causes illness and can typically transmit to other people. It might happen shortly after TB bacterial infection or years later.

More common Tuberculosis symptoms:

Coughing for three or more weeks
Coughing up blood or mucus
Chest pain, or pain with breathing or coughing
Unintentional weight loss
Night sweats
Loss of appetite

Stats of Tuberculosis

As of the latest 2022, October report published by WHO, the developing countries have increased the manifold. 

On an average, the reported number of new cases of tuberculosis in both 2020 and 2021, showing a rise in the number of cases of diagnosed and untreated TB. An expected rise in the number of TB deaths has been the most serious impact. 

The predicted number of deaths from TB in 2021 will be more than twice as high as those from HIV/AIDS. It’s probable that TB could soon overtake COVID-19 as the single infectious agent that causes the majority of deaths worldwide.

tuberculosis treatment in india


Causes of Tuberculosis

The main cause of tuberculosis is the bacteria- mycobacterium. It is found in stagnant water, rotten food, old & used clothes, hospitals etc.

The patients who have been infected can spread TB via coughing, sneezing, hugging or even handshakes, since it is contagious.

The best way to avoid getting in contact with mycobacterium tuberculosis is to avoid the super spreaders; eat and drink hygienic food; and wear and live at clean places.

Right Place for Tuberculosis Treatment

Tuberculosis treatment in India involves, first, eradicating TB causing bacteria: mycobacterium tuberculosis. Latent TB can be treated in several ways. Reliable Source It can entail taking an antibiotic every day for nine months or once every week for 12 weeks.

Several medications may be required to treat active TB for 6 to 9 months. Treatment for TB patients who have drug-resistant strains will be more difficult.

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