Spine Surgery Hospitals In India

Surgeons perform around 1.62 million instrumented spine surgery every year, including surgeries that involve multiple procedures during the same visit.

While minimally invasive procedures have gained popularity, the report suggests a “significant portion” of inter body spinal fusions require the standard surgical methods.

This article today is going to talk all about spine surgery, needs, types and the best hospital you can choose for the same.

Moreover, we are going to further discuss about how can one travelling to India can find the best treatment, doctor and hospital for the spine surgery, at affordable cost.

Need for Spine Surgery?

It’s usually always a good idea to initially explore more conservative non-surgical methods before thinking about spine surgery. Physical therapy, medicines, anti-inflammatory, and lifestyle changes are among the most conservative treatments.

Furthermore, there are other indications one should look for if you want to go for the spinal surgery. The points below can bring in more clarity, and decide if you really need a surgery or not.

  1. Damage to one or more of the discs that support the spine’s bones, known as herniated or ruptured discs
  2. A narrowing of the spinal column called spinal stenosis that presses on the spinal cord and nerves.
  3. Spondylolisthesis is a condition in which one or more spine bones move out of position.
  4. vertebral fractures brought on by osteoporosis or spinal bone trauma.
  5. Age-related spinal disc degeneration, such as degenerative disc disease.

Spine Surgery Technique

Spine surgery these days are more preferred if done via minimally invasive technique. Reduced injury to muscles and soft tissue, less postoperative pain, a shorter hospital stay, and a quicker return to normal activities are all advantages of minimally invasive spine surgery.

A technique for performing surgery is minimally invasive spine surgery. A single lengthy incision (cut) into your skin is made by your surgeon when doing “conventional” open surgery.

A sizable quantity of muscle and the surrounding soft tissue are spread, pulled out of the way, or cut away from bone in order to give your surgeon a clean view of the surgery site. This may cause additional post-operative pain and muscle damage.

Types of Spinal Surgery

Just like we know, all needs are not the same for every person, all spinal surgeries do not go with every patient.  Therefore, there are different types of spinal surgeries such as:


A popular type of spine surgery is a laminectomy. A spine surgeon performs the treatment by removing a tiny piece of bone from the lower spine known as the lamina.

This is frequently used in the neck (cervical laminectomy), the middle of the back, and the lower spine (lumbar laminectomy) (thoracic laminectomy).

Around the age of 30, the spine’s bones begin to naturally deteriorate, which in many people results in pain or other symptoms that are nerve-related.

Surgery is frequently the best solution when these symptoms affect one’s ability to function and overall quality of life. An extensive procedure may occasionally include a laminectomy for additional reasons.

Spinal Fusion:

In some circumstances, a spinal fusion, a popular type of complex spinal surgery, may be able to treat chronic back pain. These include addressing a person’s spine’s instability or malformation. Additionally, some degenerative diseases and spinal fractures are treated with spinal fusion.


A herniated or degenerative disc in the lower spine is removed by a procedure called a lumbar discectomy.  Either an open procedure or a minimally invasive one can be used for the surgery.

In this procedure, anywhere along the spine, from the neck (cervical) to the low back, a discectomy can be carried out (lumbar).

Through the muscles and bone, the surgeon accesses the injured disc from the back (posterior) of the spine.

Spine Surgery Hospital In India

As stated in the introduction, the global population irrespective of age, is suffering from spinal disorders and more than under 30, have already gone for spinal surgery.

Now, in case you are among those few, who have chronic spinal disorder or have been living with a consistent backache, it’s time for you look for the best spine surgery hospital in India.

Best Place For Spine Surgery In India

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In India, you get to have doctors and surgeons who are expert in their field and make sure that the patients attain complete cure, and even after care.


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