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Best Hematology Doctors In Turkey

Dr. Serdar Bedi Omay

(Hematologist Consultant)




35 Years


Emsey Hospital



Dr. Serdar Bedi Omay, an Hematologist with over 35 years of experience, holds memberships in various prestigious associations including the Turkish Hematology Association, Japanese Hematology Association, Turkish Blood Banks & Transfusion Association, and Japanese Biochemistry

Prof. Dr. Serkan Altinova- Hematologist

Prof. Dr. Serkan Altinova





23 Years


Medicana International Hospital

Consultaion Fee

$99   $50

"Prof. Dr. Serkan Altinova is a coveted 659Hematologist in Ankara, Turkey with 23+ years of experience in the field. He successfully completed his education at Gazi University Faculty of Medicine in 1997 and earned the title of Medical Doctor. Later, in 2004, he completed his Urology Specialization at Ankara Numune Training and Research Hospital and earned the title of Urology Associate Professor and worked at Bristol Southmead Hospital Robotic Surgery Center in 2015."

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Frequently Asked Questions About Doctors

EdhaCare is associated with the most reputed doctors who help our patients to experience comfortable medical care. There are 2000+ doctors on board across India. Hence, doctors do not work at EdhaCare but they are associated with us to facilitate the patient journey.

Edhacare believes in the best treatment service for patients. Thus, it recommends offline consultations to the patients so that they can meet and get proper treatment in person.

Once you write down your problem to us, EdhaCare will take care of the rest post that. I will find you the best doctors and will help you with the appointments and treatments and discharges.

The frequency of follow-up appointments can vary depending on the specific medical condition being treated and the treatment plan prescribed by the doctor. It's best to discuss follow-up appointments with your doctor.

It is crucial to understand the risks before making any decisions because every medical procedure or therapy carries some sort of inherent risk. The doctor will ask you which course of action to take if there are any issues with your treatment or operation that require treatment or repair. EdhaCare ensures safety at every point of the patient's journey.


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