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vitreoretinal Surgery

Vitreoretinal surgery - Overview

For vitreoretinal surgery, vital dyes enable easier identification of the semitransparentpreretinal membranes. Current recommendations for the application of dyes during vitreoretinal surgery indicate that ICG, IfCG, BriB, and BroB may be the best stains for the ILM, while TB and PB may be preferred for staining the glial ERM. The highly aqueous composition of the vitreous implies that most hydrophilic vital dyes such as TB, ICG, and PB may stain the vitreous well. In addition, an excellent staining agent for vitreous visualization is the white steroid TA.


Complications are rare, but they do exist. They may include:

  • Cataract
  • Glaucoma
  • Inflammation and toxicity
  • Corneal complications