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Hair Transplant

The incidence of hair loss in men approaches 60% by the age of 60 years. Hair loss represents a distressing issue affecting a large portion of the population, including up to 85% of males and 40% of females. There are two types of transplant procedures: slit grafts and micrografts. Although there are some side effects as well related to the procedure of hair transplant. 


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About Hair Transplant

Receiving a hair transplant can improve your appearance and self-confidence. Hair follicles are moved from one part of the scalp (or body) to another where hair loss has occurred during hair transplant surgery, a common cosmetic operation. India is a well-known location for hair transplant surgery since there are skilled and experienced doctors there, as well as cutting-edge facilities and reasonable prices. 


Procedure of Hair Transplant

 Here, are the general steps that are explained below for understanding the brief overview of the hair transplant procedure. 

  • Consultation: Initial assessment with a hair transplant specialist to evaluate hair loss, donor area, and expectations.
  • Anesthesia: Local anesthesia is administered to numb the donor and recipient areas for a painless procedure.
  • Donor Harvesting: Hair follicles are extracted from the back or sides of the head, known as the donor area.
  • Graft Preparation: Follicular units are carefully dissected into individual grafts for transplantation.
  • Recipient Site Creation: Tiny incisions made in the balding area to accommodate the transplanted grafts.
  • Graft Placement: Surgeons delicately place the grafts into the recipient sites, ensuring natural hairline and density.
  • Recovery: Minimal downtime, with mild discomfort and scabbing, but rapid healing.
  • Hair Growth: New hair growth begins within a few months, achieving fuller and natural-looking results.


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