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Thyroidectomy Surgery

Thyroidectomies are a common surgery. The surgical removal of your thyroid gland entirely or in part is known as a thyroidectomy. The gland at the front of your neck that resembles a butterfly is called your thyroid. In addition to being a therapy option for goiter, hyperthyroidism, thyroid nodules, and other thyroid diseases, it is the primary surgical treatment for thyroid cancer.

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About Thyroidectomy Surgery

The physician may recommend a thyroidectomy procedure if the patient has conditions such as thyroid cancer, noncancerous enlargement of the thyroid (goiter), overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism), and maybe some suspicious thyroid nodules. There are two main categories of thyroidectomies such as total and partial. The latter includes hemi-thyroidectomy or thyroid lobectomy, isthmusectomy, and open thyroid biopsy. It is to a large extent a safe procedure but like any other process, it contains a few cons too such as bleeding, infection, low parathyroid hormone levels or permanent hoarse or weak voice.

Procedure of Thyroidectomy Surgery

The process for thyroidectomy involves multiple steps:

-The procedure starts with general anesthesia which will help to relax your muscles, prevent pain, and make you fall asleep.
-During the surgery, a standard incision is made in the neck. With the assistance of a robot through a distant incision in either the axilla or the back of your neck.
-During surgery for a thyroid cancer diagnosis, your surgeon may sample lymph nodes around your thyroid gland.
-If the physician detects cancerous cells, your surgeon may also remove nearby lymph nodes in the neck. Once your surgeon is done, they’ll close the incision with stitches (sutures).
-The whole procedure may take up to four hours. It may take less time if the surgeon removes only part of your thyroid.
-Post-surgery, the patient may witness some soreness sore due to the breathing tube. Thyroidectomy procedure may require some time.

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