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Tympanoplasty Surgery

Tympanoplasty is surgery to treat ruptured eardrums. If you have a ruptured eardrum, you have a hole in your eardrum that affects your ability to hear. It is sometimes performed together with other procedures to correct related problems in the middle ear. This procedure may be needed to repair a perforated eardrum that does not heal on its own. Signs that the eardrum is not healing include persistent hearing loss and drainage from the ear (otorrhea).

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About Tympanoplasty Surgery

The goal of every tympanoplasty is to repair your burst eardrum. For this treatment, various procedures are available, including endaural, transcanal, and postauricular tympanoplasty. The way the doctor enters your middle ear to repair your eardrum varies depending on whatever technique they use. In 93% of cases, the tympanoplasty surgery procedure is a successful treatment for ruptured eardrums. In tympanoplasty, the reconstruction of the eardrum is the aim. On occasion, the surgeon may also need to fix the microscopic middle ear bones and their attachment to the eardrum. Complications from the procedure can also include nausea or vomiting, lightheadedness, hearing loss, and other issues.

Procedure of Tympanoplasty Surgery

The tympanoplasty procedure is a simple procedure and does not involve complex and severe steps. The duration of the surgery depends on the extent of repairs.
- In the beginning, the surgeon enters the ear through the ear canal or an incision behind or in front of the ear.
- After locating the hole in the eardrum with a microscope or endoscope, the surgeon eliminates the edges of the hole and then closes it with a graft, which is a patch of tissue from the patient or a manufactured material.
- Following this, the graft is secured to the ear canal with a spongy packing that dissolves over time as the eardrum tissue grows back together and heals.
- The surgery takes a bit longer time to heal as the inside of the ear is very delicate. Although pain, fever, and discharge generally go away within a week, however, the hearing may be decreased for two or three months until the repaired eardrum heals completely.
The success rate for tympanoplasty varies depending on the condition of the eardrum, the presence of infection and other diseases, and if prior ear surgery was performed.

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