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Polypectomy Surgery

The surgical excision of a polyp is known as a polypectomy. Although they can be removed with open abdominal surgery, colon polyps are usually removed during a colonoscopy. Using forceps, the endoscopist can cut out a little polyp or use a snare that burns through the polyp's base to remove a larger one. The size and location of the polyp determine the best removal method. Complications are rare and polypectomies are safe procedures.

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About Polypectomy Surgery

Polyps are common, and most people do not know they have them. Uterine polyps are most common in people aged 40–49 years. People who have symptoms related to their polyps, such as pain or bleeding, usually need to have the polyps removed. A polypectomy is usually carried out at the same time as a colonoscopy. There are several ways in which a polypectomy can be performed. The two most common types of polypectomy are uterine polypectomies and colon polypectomies. Uterine polyps are more common but there are other areas as well wherein polypectomy surgery can be performed such as nose, cervix, vocal cord and stomach.

Procedure of Polypectomy Surgery

Many polypectomies do not require any such major special preparation.
-Your surgeon will recommend a bowel prep formula to help clear out your bowels before the procedure.
-Each formula comes with its own set of instructions. Most of the patients require a special diet in the days following the procedure. It may take up to 24 hours to complete the colonoscopy prep.
-Your concerned surgeon will insert small instruments through the scope to remove the polyp. They may use surgical forceps to grasp the polyp or a wire snare to scrape it off.
-Different tools and methods are better for removing different types of polyps in different locations.
-The procedure can be done relatively quickly. It usually only takes between 20 minutes to 1 hour, depending on any necessary interventions.
-The recovery process is quick. It usually takes a few days to recover with some not-so-severe complications such as light bleeding.

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