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Antenatal Care (ANC)

Antenatal care (ANC) refers to the healthcare provided to pregnant individuals throughout their pregnancy journey. It involves regular check-ups, screenings, and guidance to ensure the well-being of both the pregnant person and the developing fetus. This article provides an overview of antenatal care, its importance, and the procedures involved.

Antenatal care is a vital aspect of pregnancy healthcare that focuses on promoting a healthy pregnancy, monitoring the well-being of the pregnant individual, and addressing any potential risks or complications. It involves a series of scheduled visits to healthcare providers during pregnancy to assess and manage various aspects of maternal and fetal health.

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About Antenatal Care (ANC)

Antenatal care involves various components aimed at assessing the health of the pregnant individual, monitoring fetal development, and providing essential support and guidance. The key components include:

  1. Initial visit and assessment: The first antenatal care visit typically involves a comprehensive assessment of the pregnant individual's medical history, physical examination, and baseline tests.

  2. Ongoing visits and monitoring: Subsequent antenatal care visits are scheduled at regular intervals to monitor the progress of the pregnancy, assess maternal and fetal well-being, and address any concerns or questions.

  3. Screening and diagnostic tests: Various tests are performed throughout the pregnancy to screen for conditions such as gestational diabetes, chromosomal abnormalities, and infections. Diagnostic tests may be recommended if any abnormalities are detected.

  4. Nutrition and lifestyle guidance: Healthcare providers offer guidance on maintaining a healthy diet, taking prenatal supplements, and engaging in appropriate physical activity during pregnancy.

  5. Emotional support and education: Antenatal care includes counseling and education on various topics such as breastfeeding, labor and childbirth, postnatal care, and newborn care.

Procedure of Antenatal Care (ANC)

The initial antenatal care visit is an essential step in establishing a baseline for the pregnancy. During this visit, the healthcare provider will:

  1. Collect a detailed medical history, including previous pregnancies, medical conditions, and medications.

  2. Perform a physical examination, which may include measuring height, weight, blood pressure, and abdominal examination.

  3. Order baseline tests, such as blood tests, urine analysis, and screening for infectious diseases.

  4. Discuss the expected schedule of antenatal care visits and address any immediate concerns or questions.


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