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Corpectomy Surgery

Corpectomy surgery is a vertebral process that focuses on the decompression of the spinal cord or spinal nerves through the removal of a portion of the vertebral bodies and adjacent discs between the vertebrae. It is frequently utilized to treat ailments such as cervical spondylosis, cancers, infections, and compression of the spinal cord brought on by trauma. In order to access the damaged vertebral body, a back or neck incision is made during the procedure. Particular tools are then used to remove the injured vertebral body. After compression, rods, steel plates, or grafts of bone may be utilized to support the spine in order to encourage fusion and preserve its structural integrity. By reducing pressure on a patient's spinal cord or nerves, reducing related symptoms, and reestablishing spinal stability, a corpectomy intends to improve the standard of life for the patient.

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About Corpectomy Surgery

Corpectomy Surgery Symptoms : The primary objective of a corpectomy is to treat the fundamental causes of compression of the spinal cord and nerve root impact, not to immediately relieve symptoms. Neurological deficiencies such as weakness, feeling numb or tingling in the extremities, trouble walking, loss of control over one's bowels or bladder, and discomfort or tightness in the back or neck are symptoms of diseases that may necessitate corpectomy surgery.

Corpectomy Surgery Causes: Conditions that reduce a spinal cord or the nerve roots, including trauma that results in fractures of the vertebrae, tumors or growths inside the canal of the spinal cord, infections (like osteomyelitis) inside the spinal canal, or degenerative conditions like cervical spondylosis, which are conditions that cause spinal canal stenosis, are usually candidates for corpectomy surgical procedures.

Corpectomy Surgery Remedies: When a situation calls for a corpectomy, surgery is the primary treatment option. A corpectomy attempts to relieve symptoms of neurological disease, reestablish spinal stability, and stop more damage or decline in neurological function by removing the injured component of the vertebral body that has been damaged and decompressing the spinal cord or nerve roots. Physical treatment may be utilized as part of post-operative rehabilitation to restore function, strength, and flexibility in the affected areas of the body.

Procedure of Corpectomy Surgery

Preparation: The patient is positioned on the operating table, typically under general anesthesia. The surgical site is sterilized, and the surrounding area is prepped for surgery.

Incision: A surgical incision is made over the affected area of the spine, typically in the neck (anterior cervical corpectomy) or back (posterior corpectomy), to access the vertebral column.

Vertebral Exposure: Muscles and soft tissues are gently retracted to expose the affected vertebrae and adjacent intervertebral discs, providing access to the spinal canal.

Vertebrectomy: Using specialized surgical instruments, the surgeon carefully removes the damaged portion of the vertebral body, along with any adjacent intervertebral discs or tissues contributing to spinal cord compression or nerve root impingement.

Spinal Decompression: After the vertebrectomy is completed, the spinal cord and nerve roots are carefully decompressed, relieving pressure and allowing for improved neurological function.

Stabilization and Fusion: In some cases, the spine may require stabilization and fusion to maintain structural integrity. This may involve the placement of bone grafts, metal plates, rods, or cages to support the spine and promote fusion between adjacent vertebrae.

Closure: Once the surgical objectives are achieved, the incision is closed using sutures or surgical staples. A sterile dressing is applied to the surgical site, and the patient is monitored in the recovery room before being transferred to a hospital room or discharged home.


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