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Disc Replacement Surgery

To relieve low back discomfort, a disc replacement is typically necessary. The purpose of disc replacement is to reduce discomfort, regain mobility, and maintain normal spinal Disc Replacement motion. It serves as a substitute for conventional fusion surgery. To ascertain eligibility and comprehend possible advantages and hazards, see a spine expert. Disc replacement carries potential risks, just like any procedures. 


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About Disc Replacement Surgery

The more common spinal Disc Replacement fusion procedure is typically considered as an option to Disc Replacement Surgery. Two vertebrae are permanently fused together. Major surgery including Disc Replacement Surgery necessitates general anaesthesia as well as a hospital stay. The basic goals are to lessen discomfort, increase mobility, and keep the spine moving naturally. In general, a disc replacement lessens discomfort, although it does not always do so.


Procedure of Disc Replacement Surgery

  • Firstly, consult with the specialist on the severity of back pain and determine if Disc Replacement Surgery is a suitable option.
  • To reach the spine, a tiny incision is made in the back or belly while the patient is under anaesthesia. An artificial disc implant is used to replace the damaged disc.

  • Patients are observed in the hospital for a short while following surgery. To speed up the healing process, physical therapy and rehabilitation activities are started.

  • To track the recovery, handle any issues, and guarantee ideal healing and the long-term success of the disc replacement, several follow-up appointments are planned.

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