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Dr. Vivek Kumar Jindal

(Pediatric Surgery Consultant)


Pediatric Surgery


08 Years



Special Interest

Hernia, Hirschsprung disease, gallstone, choledochal cyst, rectal prolapse


MBBS, DNB (Paediatric Surgery)

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Frequently Asked Questions About Doctors

1 - Dr. Vivek Kumar Jindal has 7 years of experience in the field of pediatric surgery.

2 - Dr. Vivek Kumar Jindal has expertise in pediatric endoscopy surgery and minimally invasive surgery. He can treat conditions such as rectal prolapse, choledochal cyst, and undescended testes in children.

3 - Dr. Jindal can provide treatments such as thoracic surgery for thoracic diseases in children such as hydatid cyst lung and congenital diaphragmatic hernias. He is specialized in laparoscopic pyeloplasty and rigid bronchoscopy.

4 - Dr. Jindal is associated with the Asian Hospital in Faridabad as the Consultant for Pediatric Surgery.

5 - Dr. Jindal is a part of leading organizations such as the Indian Academy of Pediatrics.


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