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Established in June 1989, Asan Medical Center has attained its global reputation as a patient-centered medical institution by making significant investments in clinical treatment and research and development.

With 2,732 beds and a sprawling floor area of approximately 280,000 square meters (85,000 pyeong), it stands as the largest medical institution in Korea. 

Boasting world-class medical professionals, an efficient treatment system, and cutting-edge medical equipment aligned with advanced medical systems, Asan Medical Center spearheads medical development in Korea.

Annually catering to 3,456,843 outpatients, 909,113 inpatients, and 105,491 emergency patients, the center conducts around 69,542 highly sophisticated surgeries. Recognized as the most visited hospital in Korea, Asan Medical Center is now esteemed as the nation's top medical facility.


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