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CDAS Hospital, also known as Christian Medical College and Hospital, is a well-renowned medical institution located in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. Established in 2017 by Dr. Ida S. Scudder, CDAS Hospital has since been providing exceptional medical care to the people of the region. The hospital is affiliated with Christian Medical College, Vellore, and offers a wide range of medical courses including MBBS, MD, MS, and various super-specialty courses.

CDAS Hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art medical facilities and advanced technologies to provide the best possible care to its patients. It has a team of highly qualified and experienced doctors, nurses, and support staff who are dedicated to ensuring the well-being of their patients. The hospital offers a range of services, including general medicine, surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, cardiology, neurology, oncology, and many others.

The hospital is renowned for its excellence in medical care, research, and education. CDAS Hospital has been consistently ranked among the top medical institutions in India and has been recognized globally for its contributions to medical research. The hospital has a research center that focuses on medical research in various fields, including cancer, genetics, infectious diseases, and others. The hospital has also collaborated with many national and international institutions for research and training programs.

Apart from providing medical care, CDAS Hospital is also engaged in various community health programs. The hospital has a rural health program that provides medical care to the underserved communities in the region. It also conducts health awareness programs, health camps, and health education programs to create awareness about various health issues and diseases.

In conclusion, CDAS Hospital is a leading healthcare institution in India, providing exceptional medical care to its patients. Its commitment to excellence, state-of-the-art facilities, and a team of highly qualified doctors make it a preferred destination for healthcare services. Its focus on research, education, and community health programs further enhances its reputation as a world-class medical institution.


  • Ophthalmology
  • General surgery
  • Critical care
  • Dental sciences
  • Dermatology
Distance: 21 Kms Duration: 33 Minutes
Distance: 9 Kms Duration: 26 Minutes
Distance: 6 Kms Duration: 17 Minutes
  • Premium as well as budget stay options are available nearby hospital at walking distance. -Availablity of shops, medicine shops, restaraunt and other facilities nearby.


  • Beds-50
  • Laboratory Services
  • ICU Beds-9


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1 - CDAS Super Speciality Hospital, Gurugram is open 24 hours.

2 - CDAS Super Speciality Hospital, Gurugram is located at Malibu Town Sector 47, Gurugram, Haryana- 122018.

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