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Established in 1909 as Jeonju Gwanjae Jah-hye Hospital, Jeonbuk National University Hospital has undergone significant transformations over the years.

From its early days as Jeolla Buk-do Gwanjae Hospital to evolving into a hospital affiliated with Jeonbuk National University, the institution has consistently progressed. Notably, in 1987, it relocated to Geumam-dong, officially becoming Jeonbuk National University Hospital in 1988. 

The hospital has continually expanded its facilities, completing the Professor Research Building in 1989, establishing the Jeonbuk National University Hospital Corporation in 1994, and inaugurating the Emergency Center in 1995.

Further milestones include relocating the Dental Clinic in 1997, establishing a sister relationship with the Central Hospital of Changchun City, China, in 1998, and completing the Jeonbuk Emergency Care Center Expansion Project in 1999.

Another significant achievement was the completion of the Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation Center on December 15, 1999.




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