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Kidney Transplant Sugery

A kidney transplant is a surgical procedure where a healthy kidney from a living or deceased donor is used to replace a person's sick or malfunctioning kidney. A cadaveric renal transplant is a technique in which a deceased donor's kidney is used. Your kidneys are responsible for eliminating waste from your body. 

Your blood is filtered to remove waste, which is then eliminated from the body through urine. Additionally, the kidneys are crucial for maintaining the fluid and electrolyte balance of the body.


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About Kidney Transplant

Human kidney failure is treated via kidney transplantation, often known as a renal transplant. Patients who need dialysis treatment have their kidneys removed. It is a mechanism that, since the kidneys are unable to do it, removes waste from the blood manually.

Organ transplantation is the additional course of treatment for kidney failure. In this operation, a surgeon transplants a given kidney into the body from a living or dead donor.


Procedure of Kidney Transplant

General anesthesia is used during a kidney transplant. This entails administering a drug to put you to sleep so that the surgery can be performed. Through an intravenous (IV) line in your hand or arm, the anesthesia will be delivered into your body.

For you to be able to urinate normally, your doctor will also connect the ureter of the new kidney to your bladder. Your kidney and bladder are connected by a tube called the ureter.


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