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Kosin University Gospel Hospital

Kosin University Gospel Hospital

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Kosin University Gospel Hospital operates with around 1,000 patient beds, 26 medical departments, and a dedicated team of 1,600 employees, including 250 medical professors.

The hospital, committed to being a leading cancer treatment facility in the 21st century, boasts advanced medical technologies such as CT, Oncothermia, PET-CT, X-Knife, 3.0T MRI, and Truebeam STx. In its 65-year history as the first regional cancer center, KUGH has consistently achieved excellence.

In response to the evolving medical landscape, KUGH now offers more personalized services to meet the growing needs of patients. Internationally, the hospital collaborates with various countries, including China, Indonesia, Peru, Russia, Mongolia, South Africa, Malawi, the Philippines, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan.

KUGH actively contributes to medical tourism projects in Busan Metropolitan City, serving as a project management consultant and sharing its advanced medical knowledge with Kazakhstan.

The International Healthcare Center, along with the Health Promotion Center for prevention and an international clinic catering to foreigners, delivers cutting-edge international medical services.

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