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Moolchand Hospital

Moolchand Hospital

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Moolchand Hospital aims to treat patients backed up with internationally trained and globally acclaimed physicians, state of the art technology, clinical innovation, world-class infrastructure and outstanding quality.

  • Moolchand Hospital has received the IMC Ramakrishna Bajaj National Quality Award in Outstanding Achievements in the Healthcare category.
  • Moolchand Hospital Received International Asia Pacific Quality Award for world class quality performance.
  • Moolchand Hospital is the first Indian hospital to launch Streptokinase therapy for Myocardial Infarction.
  • This hospital has 400 internationally trained and globally acclaimed doctors under more than 50 specialties. Also, the team performed 7000 surgeries are performed every year on international patients.
  • The main specializations that Moolchand Hospital deals with IVF, Assisted Reproductive Technique Child Birth packages, Antenatal Classes, Fetal Diagnostics, and Therapy (invasive and noninvasive), Genetic and Maternal­-foetal medicine Consultations
  • Moolchand Hospital Delhi has a bed capacity of 1000 beds and is expanding rapidly
  • It provides round the clock pharmacy services
  • Moolchand Hospital is equipped with 4D ultrasound and lowdose X-rays and Interventional Radiology which is quite helpful in detecting rare diseases
  • Moolchand Hospital Delhil provides international patients with translators.

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1 - To book an appointment at Moolchand Hospital Delhi, you can call their helpline number or get in touch with EdhaCare for online appointment booking system through their official website. The hospital aims to provide efficient appointment scheduling and timely medical consultations.

2 - Yes, Moolchand Hospital Delhi has specialized centers of excellence dedicated to specific medical specialties. These centers are equipped with advanced technologies and staffed by experienced doctors. Some of these centers may include the Heart Center, Cancer Center, Joint Replacement Center, and Women's Health Center.


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