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Uterine Cancer

Uterine cancer will be diagnosed in about 3% of women and AFAB individuals at some time in their life. Uterine cancer symptoms might mirror those of many other diseases. A hysterectomy to remove your uterus is frequently the first step in treatment. You may be more likely to get uterine cancer if you have certain risk factors.


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About Uterine Cancer

Uterine cancer includes two types of cancer: endometrial cancer (more common) and uterine sarcoma (rare). Symptoms include abnormal bleeding and pelvic pain. Diagnosis involves exams, biopsies, and imaging tests. Risk factors of this condition includes age, high diet on animal fat, family history and others. Treatment options include surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and hormone therapy. Early detection is key. Consult a healthcare professional for more information. 

Procedure of Uterine Cancer

  • For basic screening, pap test along with a pelvic examination is performed before the surgery initiation
  • For diagnosis, tests such as endometrial biopsy or a transvaginal ultrasound are used widely.
  • Treatments for this condition include surgery (hysterectomy), radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and hormone therapy.
  • Regular check-ups are essential to monitor for recurrence and manage potential complications.


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