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Bone Graft Treatment

A bone graft is a medical procedure where healthy bone tissue is transplanted to repair or strengthen bones affected by injury, disease, or tooth loss. This transplantation promotes bone regeneration, aiding in the healing process and creating a solid foundation for dental implants or bone fractures.


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About Bone Graft Treatment

A bone graft is a surgical procedure that involves transplanting healthy bone tissue to repair or reinforce bones damaged by injury, disease, or tooth loss. This process stimulates bone regeneration, facilitating healing and providing a stable base for dental implants or mending bone fractures. During a bone graft, your surgeon inserts a new piece of bone in the place where a bone needs to heal or join. The cells inside the new bone can then seal themselves to the old bone. 


Procedure of Bone Graft Treatment

During the procedure, the surgeon will first clean the area. After cleaning the affected area, your surgeon will cut through the skin and muscle surrounding the bone that will receive the bone graft. In some cases, your surgeon will also make a different cut to harvest your bone graft. This might be from your hip bone, leg bone, or ribs. Using special tools, your surgeon will remove a small portion of the bone.

The surgeon will insert the bone graft between the 2 pieces of bone that need to grow together. In some cases, your healthcare provider might secure the bone graft with special screws. The layers of skin and muscle around your treated bone will be closed surgically and, if necessary, around where your bone was harvested.

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