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Liver Hemangioma

Liver hemangioma is a tumor that is not cancerous and is made up of clusters of blood vessels located in the lining of the liver. It frequently remains undetected and exhibits no signs or symptoms. When symptoms do appear, they can include nausea, abdominal fullness, or both. Liver hemangiomas are typically discovered by accident when doing tests using imaging for additional diseases. Hepatic hemangiomas typically don't need to be treated unless they produce symptoms or issues. In rare cases, if the tumor is large or causing problems, removal by surgery, embolization, or medication may be investigated as options for treatment. Nonetheless, these tumors are typically considered benign and have a minimal chance of turning cancerous.

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About Liver Hemangioma

Symptoms: Liver hemangiomas frequently have no symptoms at all and are only accidentally found during imaging studies for other illnesses. If symptoms do materialize, they can include upper right-side stomach discomfort, feeling sick, and abdominal pain.

Causes: Liver hemangiomas have an unclear precise cause. They are thought to be congenital, meaning they exist from birth, and they might be connected to anomalies in the formation of blood vessels in fetuses.

Treatment: Liver hemangiomas usually don't need to be treated. It's usually advised to keep an eye out for any changes and to manage any symptoms that do arise. However, treatment options may include medication to decrease the tumor, embolization to prevent blood flow to the tumor, or, in rare circumstances, surgical excision if the tumor produces substantial symptoms or consequences including rupture or bleeding.

Procedure of Liver Hemangioma

Diagnosis and Evaluation: To establish the existence of a hepatic hemangioma and evaluate its size, location, and features, the patient has imaging tests such as an MRI, CT scan, or ultrasound.

Monitoring and Observation: If the hepatic hemangioma is small, asymptomatic, and not producing any problems, imaging examinations may be performed on the patient on a frequent basis to monitor any changes in the tumor's size or appearance.

Symptomatic Management: Medication such as painkillers or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines (NSAIDs) may be used to reduce symptoms such as pain or discomfort if the hepatic hemangioma is the cause.

Embolization: This procedure may be taken into consideration for larger hepatic hemangiomas or those that are generating serious symptoms or consequences. In order to decrease or stabilize the hemangioma, a chemical is injected into the blood arteries that supply the tumor in order to cut off its blood supply.

Surgical Resection: In a small number of instances, surgical resection of the tumor may be advised if the liver hemangioma is big, causing significant symptoms, or at risk of rupture or bleeding. The hemangioma-containing part of the liver is removed during this treatment.

Liver Transplantation: Liver transplantation is a rare therapeutic option that may be considered in cases when the liver hemangioma is large, causing significant symptoms or consequences, or if there is worry for malignancy.

Follow-up Care: The patient needs to schedule routine follow-up appointments with healthcare professionals following any procedure or intervention for liver hemangioma in order to track their recovery, evaluate the efficacy of their treatment, and identify any complications or recurrence.

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