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Stroke Rehabilitation

Stroke rehabilitation is a program of different therapies designed to help you relearn skills lost after a stroke. Depending on the parts of your brain affected by the stroke, rehabilitation can help with movement, speech, strength, and daily living skills. Stroke rehabilitation can help you regain independence and improve your quality of life. 

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About Stroke rehabilitation

It is a series of therapies meant to help you relearn abilities lost as a result of a stroke. There are numerous techniques to assist people in recovering from a stroke. After a stroke, stroke rehabilitation can help you physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. The stroke rehabilitation team is centred on the patient and family. The team, which is made up of several trained specialists, assists in setting short- and long-term therapy goals for recovery. It includes different sections of activities such as physical, cognitive and emotional, technology-assisted. Physical activities include motor-skill exercises, mobility training, and constraint-induced training. 

Procedure of Stroke rehabilitation

Stroke rehabilitation is a comprehensive and multidisciplinary process aimed at helping individuals recover and regain functional independence after experiencing a stroke.

Following the initial medical treatment and stabilization, stroke survivors often engage in a structured rehabilitation program tailored to their specific needs.

The rehabilitation team typically includes physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, and other healthcare professionals.

The rehabilitation process encompasses various components, including physical therapy to improve mobility and strength, occupational therapy to enhance daily living skills, and speech therapy to address communication and swallowing difficulties.

Cognitive rehabilitation may also be incorporated to address memory and problem-solving deficits.

The rehabilitation team collaborates to develop personalized goals and exercises, focusing on the affected individual's abilities and challenges.


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