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Cornea Transplant Surgery

A cornea transplant, also called corneal grafting, replaces a damaged cornea with tissue from a deceased donor. Fuchs' dystrophy and keratoconus are two disorders that can be treated with a corneal transplant. Most report reduced pain and better vision. Other names for cornea transplants include corneal grafting and keratoplasty.

In a cornea transplant, your surgeon removes your damaged cornea and replaces it with donated healthy corneal tissue.

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About Cornea Transplant Surgery

The majority of corneal transplant procedures are successful. However, there is a little chance that a corneal transplant will go wrong, such as the donor cornea rejecting. Erroneously, the donor cornea may be attacked by the body's immune system. We refer to this as rejection. Rejection may necessitate further corneal transplantation or medical intervention. 

During a cornea transplant, damaged corneal tissue is removed entirely or in part, and healthy donor tissue is used in its place.

Major symptoms include:

·         -Loss of vision.

·         -Eye pain.

·         -Red eyes.

         -Sensitivity to light

Procedure of Cornea Transplant Surgery

There are three surgical options for cornea transplant: penetrating keratoplasty, deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty, and endothelial keratoplasty. Your cornea has three layers of tissue. Each of these surgeries targets a specific layer or layers of tissue.

All corneal transplants use corneas from deceased human organ donors. Every donor cornea undergoes thorough testing to make sure it’s safe for transplant.

1.      1.  Penetrating Keratoplasty- Full-thickness corneal transplantation is another name for penetrating keratoplasty. During this treatment, the entire central portion of the damaged cornea is removed by your surgeon using a thin circular blade, and it is replaced with a healthy, identically shaped piece of donor cornea.

2.      2. Deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty- Your surgeon may do a partial thickness corneal transplant if the outer and middle layers of your cornea are damaged but the interior layer is in good condition. A deep anterior lamellar keratoplasty is another name for this procedure. The central and outer layers of your cornea are removed during this procedure, and your surgeon will replace them with healthy corneal tissue that has been donated.

 3. Endothelial Keratoplasty- This surgery may help if you have damage on the innermost layer of your cornea, the endothelium, which rests on Descemet’s membrane. It needs fewer sutures than other keratoplasty procedures. Instead, the technique utilizes an air bubble to keep the donor cornea in position.

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