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Dynamic Hip Screw

A surgical implant called a dynamic hip screws (DHS) is used to stabilize femur proximal (the upper part of the thigh bone) fractures that are close to the hip joint. It is made up of a big lag screw that goes through the sheet of metal and into the femur head, and a plate of metal that is screwed to the opposite side of the femur. During weight-bearing activities, the lag screw travels within the barrel of the plate, enabling regulated compression over the fracture site. This stability permits early mobilization while encouraging fracture repair. When treating fractures of the hip in adults, especially those who have osteoporosis, the DHS is a frequently utilized tool.

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About Dynamic Hip Screw

Symptoms: Severe hip pain, restricted hip joint movement, and inability to bear weight on the affected side are indicative of a hip fracture that requires DHS intervention.

Causes: The most frequent cause of hip fractures is falls, especially in the elderly and those with osteoporosis or other bone-weakening conditions. Trauma or direct impacts to the hip region can also cause fractures that need DHS repair.

Treatment: By stabilizing the fracture and regaining mobility by screwing the shattered bone fragments together with a specially designed screw system, dynamic hip screw surgery encourages optimal healing. In order to help the hip joint restore strength and mobility during post-surgery rehabilitation, physical therapy is employed. This enhances quality of life and helps the patient make a full recovery.

Procedure of Dynamic Hip Screw

Preoperative Assessment: To determine the amount and kind of the hip fracture, the patient has a comprehensive evaluation before surgery, which includes a medical history, physical examination, and imaging tests like CT or X-rays.

Anesthesia: Depending on the particular situation and the patient's health, the patient is either put under regional or general anesthesia. This guarantees that they won't experience any pain or discomfort during the process.

Incision: To reach the shattered bone, a surgical incision is created across the hip region. Depending on the type of fracture and the surgeon's discretion, the incision's size and position may change. 

Reduction: To return the hip joint's natural architecture, the fracture fragments are meticulously aligned, or reduced. This can entail utilizing specialized tools and methods to move the bones into the proper alignment.

Fixation: After the fracture has been correctly positioned, the femoral head, or upper portion of the thigh bone, is punctured and a dynamic hip screw (DHS), a specifically made implant, is inserted via the screw hole. A plate that is fastened to the femur's exterior is passed through by the screw.

Stability Check: Following fixation, the surgeon makes sure that the fracture is correctly oriented and that the implant is providing enough stability. Fluoroscopy, a real-time X-ray, may be used in this to see the implant's location and the alignment of the fracture.

Closure and Recovery: A sterile dressing is used after the incision is sealed with staples or sutures. After that, the patient is kept under observation in the recovery area until being moved to a hospital room or sent home with the proper postoperative instructions. Physical therapy and other forms of rehabilitation will be used to assist the hip joint regain its strength and range of motion.

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