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Dr. Prerna Lakhwani  - Surgical Oncologist

Dr. Prerna Lakhwani

(Surgical Oncologist)


Dr. Prerna Lakhwani is a Gynecologic Oncologist with 17+ years of experience. Persuaded her MBBS followed by MS in Obstetrics & Gynecology from MGMMC, Indore.

Well trained in Gynae laparoscopic surgeries from AIIMS, Delhi, and in preventive Oncology from Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. Attended conferences all over the globe.

Under her credit, there are numerous national and international publications. She has a lifetime membership of FOGSI, AGOI, IGCS, ASCO and IMA

Received resident award in MYH in 2001 and 2002. Got Best paper award at National menopause society conference at Lucknow.

Dr. Lakhwani's expertise lies in Cancer endometrium, Use of minimally invasive surgery in gynecological malignancy management, Sentinel lymph node mapping, and Preventive oncology.

Special Interest

"Cancer endometrium Sentinel lymph node mapping Preventive oncology.



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