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Döbling Private Hospital, a leading medical facility in Vienna, treats approximately 16,000 patients annually from both local and international areas. Renowned for pioneering quality assurance, the hospital ensures comparability in medical services and identifies potential weaknesses for enhanced patient benefits.

In addressing the challenge of measuring medical outcome quality, PremiQaMed private hospitals, including Döbling, have initiated surveys to gauge the number of infections post-treatment—a crucial preliminary indicator.

Despite the complexities of individual prerequisites for operations or treatments, the hospital aims for optimal prevention of infections, striving for a figure approaching zero. The values for PremiQaMed private hospitals are compared to international nominal values, reflecting their commitment to quality care.

With 160 beds, Döbling Private Hospital operates as an attending physician hospital, allowing patients to receive medical supervision from their chosen attending physician.

Collaborating closely with the Döbling Outpatient Center and various specialists with offices on-site, the hospital provides comprehensive and excellent medical care, all conveniently under one roof.

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