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Shalby Hospitals is one of the largest chains of multispecialty hospitals and tertiary care centers in the country today.


  • Shalby Hospital is the winner of various prestigious awards such as Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Award and FICCI Operational Excellence Award. 
  • It has also been awarded the CNBC Bajar Award for Excellence in Healthcare Services on 12th March, 2016.


  • This Hospital offers specialty Clinics for Stroke, Epilepsy, Acidity, Snore & Sinus, Glaucoma, Sleep Study, Diabetes, Liver, Kidney, Asthma, Fertility, Obesity, Hypertension, and Radio Therapy. 
  • The hospital specializes in Joint Replacement Surgery, Critical Care & Trauma, Spine Surgery, Neurology, and Neuro Surgery, Ortho-Oncology Surgery, Cardiology & Minimal Invasive Cardiac Surgery, Sports Injury, Kidney Transplant, and Liver Transplant Counselling.
  • This hospital has 28+ years of rich healthcare experience that serves great footprints in Joint Replacement as well as other multispecialty


  • The hospital has a bedding capacity of around1700 
  • The hospital has a well-equipped operation theatre with Guided Air Flow for reduced infection rates. 
  • It is the first hospital in India to install and use Body Exhaust System in Operation Theatres. 
  • The hospital has 50 OPDs and Patient Follow-up Centres across India and 15 OPDs in the African Continent.


  • General surgery
  • Neurosciences
  • Dermatology
Distance: 18 km Duration: 38 mins
Distance: 14 km Duration: 30 mins


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