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Udhvartan Treatment

Udhvartan is an Ayurvedic therapy that involves a unique massage using herbal powders. This therapeutic treatment is designed to invigorate and revitalise the body by exfoliating the skin, improving blood circulation, breaking down cellulite, and enhancing the metabolic processes. Through vigorous and systematic application of herbal powders, Udhvartan aims to promote lymphatic drainage, reduce excess body fat, and enhance skin texture. This therapy not only revitalises the body but also supports detoxification and overall well-being

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About Udhvartan Treatment

Udvartana is a type of ayurvedic powder massage done with the help of specific herbs in the direction opposite to the hair growth/in the upward direction. Depending upon the requirement it may be done with dry powder or powder mixed with Sneha (oil). It is recommended to have steam after the treatment for better results. A hot shower may also be helpful.

Udhvartan is a unique Ayurvedic therapy using herbal powders for invigorating massage. It exfoliates skin, boosts circulation, breaks down toxins, and targets cellulite. By stimulating lymphatic flow and metabolism, Udhvarta revitalizes the body, fostering detoxification and renewed vitality.

Procedure of Udhvartan Treatment

In Udvartana (any of the three procedures), the powder or paste is briskly rubbed into the entire body for 30-45 minutes. The absorptive properties of the powder act to pull excess fat deposits from the body. After the massage, swedana, a herbal sauna is recommended, followed by a shower to remove the powder/paste.

During the procedure

Herbal powders with a hot potency and a dry consistency are utilized in udvartana. The paste, which is formerly more potent, is mostly made with sesame oil. Every herb and oil contributes to a lighter, more fluid body by dissolving obstructions and rigidity. It liquefies the fat tissues when it interacts with them. Herbal powders and oils have a special action when applied to the skin that opens pores, clears vessel obstructions, raises tissue temperature, and promotes fat metabolism.

The patient is instructed to sit in an herbal steam room with their head left outside once the paste has been applied to their body and the massage is over. The body releases a lot of extra water (kapha) during this treatment, and the pores begin to open. Additionally, the herbal oil incorporated with the paste penetrates deeper into the skin as the pores open, starting to liquefy the fat.

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