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Udhvartan is an Ayurvedic therapy that involves a unique massage using herbal powders. This therapeutic treatment is designed to invigorate and revitalise the body by exfoliating the skin, improving blood circulation, breaking down cellulite, and enhancing the metabolic processes. Through vigorous and systematic application of herbal powders, Udhvartan aims to promote lymphatic drainage, reduce excess body fat, and enhance skin texture. This therapy not only revitalises the body but also supports detoxification and overall well-being


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About Udhvartan

Udhvartan is a unique Ayurvedic therapy using herbal powders for invigorating massage. It exfoliates skin, boosts circulation, breaks down toxins, and targets cellulite. By stimulating lymphatic flow and metabolism, Udhvarta revitalises the body, fostering detoxification and renewed vitality.


Procedure of Udhvartan

  • Powder Selection: Choose herbal powders based on the individual's constitution and needs.

  • Preparation: Create a calm space and ensure the person is comfortably positioned.

  • Application: Apply the herbal powders in firm, rhythmic motions, massaging against the hair growth.

  • Vigorous Massage: Employ brisk and invigorating movements to exfoliate the skin and activate circulation.

  • Completion: Allow the powders to rest on the skin briefly before a shower, aiding detoxification and leaving the skin refreshed.


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