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Dental Bridge Treatment

A dental bridge is a fixed dental restoration that replaces one or more missing teeth. It consists of artificial teeth, known as pontics, anchored to neighboring natural teeth or dental implants. Dental bridges restore oral function, aesthetics, and prevent dental issues associated with tooth loss.


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About Dental Bridge Treatment

A dental bridge is a fixed restoration that replaces missing teeth. Artificial teeth are anchored to adjacent natural teeth or implants, restoring oral function and aesthetics. Regular care and dental visits are essential for its longevity and overall oral health.

Procedure of Dental Bridge Treatment

  • Evaluation: The dentist examines the patient's oral health and determines the need for a dental bridge.

  • Tooth Preparation: The supporting teeth are reshaped to create space for the bridge.

  • Impression: Accurate molds of the prepared teeth are taken to create a custom bridge.

  • Temporary Bridge: A temporary bridge is placed while the permanent one is being fabricated.

  • Final Placement: The custom dental bridge is cemented onto the prepared teeth, completing the procedure and restoring the patient's smile and bite.


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