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Adam's Apple removal surgery

Adam’s apple reduction or chondrolaryngoplasty, aims at removing the Adam’s apple of trans women. It is often performed stand-alone or in combination with other procedures of Facial Feminization Surgery. Adam's Apple removal involves altering facial bones and soft tissues to enhance feminine characteristics and improve gender dysphoria. In males, the increase in size is more significant, resulting in a more visible Adam’s apple compared to females.

The purpose of the Adam’s apple is to protect your voice box from injury. Apart from that, an Adam’s apple has no known function.


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About Adams Apple removal surgery

The Adam's Apple removal surgery aims to feminize facial features, reducing masculine traits and enhancing feminine characteristics. The Adam’s apple itself does not serve a vital physiological purpose however, for individuals who are uncomfortable with the size or appearance of their Adam’s apple, medical interventions such as Adams's Apple Reduction surgery can be considered. The two common techniques used for Adam’s apple reduction are the tracheal shave and thyroid cartilage resection.

Many people undergo this Adam’s apple surgery as part of their gender-affirming treatment. 

Procedure of Adams Apple removal surgery

Before the Adam's apple Removal procedure, patients undergo thorough consultations with surgeons to discuss expectations, risks, and potential outcomes. Surgical techniques involve reducing the size of the thyroid cartilage through an incision in the throat or from an external approach, depending on the individual's anatomy and preferences. The Adam's apple Removal surgery aims to sculpt the area, creating a more subtle contour to align with the patient's desired aesthetic.

After Adam's apple reduction, patients experience a recovery period that includes swelling and discomfort. Over time, swelling diminishes, revealing the altered neck profile. Scarring tends to fade but may remain slightly visible, particularly with an incision-based approach.

The transformation post Adam's apple Removal often leads to increased confidence and a more aligned physical appearance with the individual's gender identity. Emotional changes, improved self-esteem, and a sense of congruence with one's identity are common outcomes reported by individuals who undergo this procedure, contributing to their overall well-being and self-image.

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