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Facial Feminization surgery

A wide range of operations are included in facial feminization surgery, which modifies the facial structure to make it appear more feminine. A smaller forehead can be achieved, for instance, by moving the hairline, augmenting the cheekbones and lips, or reshaping and resizing the jaw and chin. Another alternative is skin-tightening surgery, like a facelift. 

To relieve pain brought on by a discrepancy in gender identity and sex assigned at birth (gender dysphoria), facial feminization surgery may be performed. Transgender women who acknowledge their gender identity can physically transition with the aid of these procedures.

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About Facial Feminization surgery

Facial feminization surgery involves a variety of procedures that change the shape of the face to make it appear more feminine.  Most transgender women, those who do not identify with one gender or another, and cisgender women who prefer more stereotypically feminine facial features seek it.

Several types of feminizing surgery carry the risk of bleeding, infection, damage to the surrounding tissues, imbalanced facial characteristics, and a negative anesthesia reaction. Many facial features, such as the eyes, jaw, and brow, reflect sex differences. While other body parts can be covered or hidden, facial features are readily seen. 


Procedure of Facial Feminization surgery


Facial feminization surgery is different for everyone. The process depends on the facial features you choose to change. You might have one surgery or several, including:

  • Hairline lowering: A surgeon elevates your skin above your forehead by creating an incision along the length of your hairline. They keep your hair follicles healthy so that it can keep growing. If needed, they can even conduct hair transplants.

  • Forehead contouring: If you want to reduce the size of the bone just above your eyebrow ridge, a surgeon can remove part of this bone and reshape it to give a smoother appearance.

  • Cheek augmentation: Your cheeks can be reshaped by surgeons using fat injections or silicone implants. They might remove fat from your thighs or from another part of your body.

  • Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping): If you want to reduce the width of your nose, a surgeon can reshape the underlying bone and cartilage.

  • Chin reduction: Your chin may get smaller and be reshaped by your surgeon into an oval or pointed form. Genioplasty is another term for chin reduction.

  • Jaw reduction: Through an incision inside your mouth, a surgeon can remove and reshape the bone to reduce the size and angle of your jaw. This type of incision means you won’t have a visible scar.

  • Adam’s apple reduction: During this procedure — also called a tracheal shave — a surgeon makes an incision under your chin and removes some of the cartilage in your neck.

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