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Facial Feminization surgery

A wide range of operations are included in facial feminization surgery in order to alter the face's contour to seem more feminine.  It is mostly desired by transgender women, people who identify as neither gender nor a particular gender, and cisgender women who prefer more conventionally feminine face traits. There is a danger of bleeding, infection, harm to surrounding tissues, unbalanced facial features, and a bad anaesthetic reaction with several forms of feminising surgery.

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About Facial Feminization surgery

Facial feminization surgery involves a variety of procedures that change the shape of the face to make it appear more feminine.  Most transgender women, those who do not identify with one gender or another, and cisgender women who prefer more stereotypically feminine facial features seek it. Several types of feminising surgery carry the risk of bleeding, infection, damage to the surrounding tissues, imbalanced facial characteristics, and a negative anaesthesia reaction.


Procedure of Facial Feminization surgery

  • Prior to this surgical treatment, have a discussin with your physician about the facial features and end goals

  • The surgery involves various modifications on forehead, eye and lid, cheek, lips, jaw angle and cheeks. 

  • Post-surgery, Chewing and swallowing might be difficult due to incisions and swelling. 

  • After face feminization surgery, it may take up to a year before definitive and stable results become apparent.


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