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Breast cancer treatment options may include a mastectomy.The type of mastectomy that is performed may also be influenced by the size of your breasts.Mastectomy, usually referred to as top surgery, is a surgical operation frequently carried out as part of gender-affirming care for non-binary people and transgender males.Some breast cancer-prone women may choose to get a mastectomy before the disease manifests. 


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About Mastectomy

For transgender males and non-binary people, a mastectomy, sometimes known as top surgery, is a serious surgical procedure used to remove breast tissue and give the chest a more masculine shape. In order to treat gender dysphoria and harmonise a person's physical appearance with their gender identity, it is a crucial part of gender-affirming care. There are several distinct forms of mastectomy, including complete (simple), modified radical, radical, skin-sparing, and nipple-sparing mastectomy.

Procedure of Mastectomy

  • For screening, complete assessment to evaluate the individual's readiness and suitability for mastectomy are performed. 

  • The size and location of the incision depend on the type of mastectomy being performed. For different types of mastectomy, there are different criteria that needs to be fulfilled. 

  • The incision site is typically covered with sterile dressings and bandages to protect the wound and promote healing.

  • Ongoing support and follow-up care to ensure a healthy recovery and address any post-surgery concerns.


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