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Gastric sleeve

The gastric sleeve, also called sleeve gastrectomy, is a bariatric surgery operation to induce weight loss. The risks of gastric sleeve surgery are far less than the risks of having obesity and its related diseases. Reducing your stomach helps restrict calories and reduce hunger signals. This surgery is offered to help people with clinically severe obesity achieve effective weight loss. Gastric sleeve surgery can improve and sometimes eliminate diseases. 

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About Gastric sleeve

A surgical procedure called gastric sleeve surgery is intended to help people who are severely obese. A significant portion of the stomach is surgically removed during the surgery, resulting in a smaller stomach. The stomach that is still there develops a sleeve-like form, like a long tube or a banana. As a result, the stomach can contain less food, which results in a feeling of fullness from smaller servings of food. It also has lower complication rates than other common operations, including gallbladder removal and hip replacement. 


Procedure of Gastric sleeve

Most of the time, a sleeve gastrectomy is done by laparoscopic or robotic surgery. That means that instead of making a large incision (or cut) to open your abdominal cavity to access your organs, your surgeon will operate through small incisions. 

During the process, the surgeon will make a small cut in your abdomen and insert a port. They’ll pump carbon dioxide gas through the port to expand your abdomen.

Then they’ll place a laparoscope through the port. The camera will project your insides onto a screen.

Through one to three additional incisions, your surgeon will insert additional ports and complete the procedure using long, narrow tools.

They will measure out the gastric sleeve, then divide and separate the remainder of your stomach using a surgical stapler.


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