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Manipal Hospital

Manipal Hospital

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Manipal Hospital Bangalore is a world-class tertiary care hospital located at 98, HAL Old Airport Road, Kodihalli, Bengaluru. It is one of the most renowned hospitals in the country and offer wide medical services to its patients. Manipal Hospital Hospital has been providing excellent healthcare services for more than 25 years and has earned a reputation for providing state-of-the-art facilities and treatment options to its patients.

Manipal Hospital is equipped with the latest medical technologies and equipment and has highly trained and experienced medical professionals on board. Manipal Hospital offers wide medical services like cardiology, plastic surgery, neurology, gastroenterology, oncology, orthopedics, urology, and many others.

Manipal Hospital Bengaluru has a patient-centric approach and believes in providing personalized care to each of its patients. The hospital has a team of dedicated healthcare professionals who work tirelessly to ensure that the patients receive the best possible medical care.

Manipal Hospital Bengaluru also offers various specialized clinics and centers such as the Manipal Comprehensive Cancer Centre, Manipal Heart Institute, Manipal Orthopaedic Centre, Manipal Spine Care Centre, Manipal Institute of Neurological Disorders, and many others.

In conclusion, Manipal Hospital Bangalore is a leading healthcare provider in the country and offers excellent medical services to its patients. With its patient-centric approach and state-of-the-art facilities, the hospital has set a benchmark for healthcare services in the country.

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