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Manipal North Side , Malleshwaram

Manipal North Side , Malleshwaram Hospital

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- It performs different procedures such as angioplasty and stenting, open-heart surgery, valve replacement, pacemaker implantation, ventricular assistive device surgery and others.
- There is a qualified and talented team of surgeons and doctors are available round the clock to provide quality and affordable healthcare.
- The medical professionals present at the hospital offer their expertise across 30 specialties.
-The hospital services are well-supported by diagnostic & support facilities such as C-ARM with an image intensifier, color Doppler, Treadmill, various endoscopes, Ultrasonography, CT scan, Mammography services, etc.
- Also, they offer a well-equipped intensive care unit.
- The hospital has well-equipped laboratories which contains auto analyzers, blood gas analyzers, electrolyte analyzers & other machines for quicker & more accurate analysis of samples.
- It has an 24*7 emergency and trauma care center and an independent outpatient clinic for consultation which works great in case of emergency crisis.
- They also provide translation services for international patients to avoid the language barrier.

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