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- It performs different procedures such as angioplasty and stenting, open-heart surgery, valve replacement, pacemaker implantation, ventricular assistive device surgery and others.
- The hospital has 24 hours ambulatory pH monitoring with 6 channel impendence monitoring, which is the first of its kind in South India.
- The majority of consultants and surgeons are experts in their specialties and are 24*7 available for diagnosis & treatment of diseases.
-IIt has 60 ICU beds, 9 medical, surgical, and cardiac intensive care units, 12 dialysis beds, 10 operation theatres, and 2 sophisticated cath labs.
-Also, for international patients, they provide assistance for sightseeing, shopping, ayurvedic spa, and money exchange.
- This is a round-the-clock service with 24x7 accesses to modern operation theatres, a 24-hour pharmacy, imaging services and stat laboratory services assisting in immediate and accurate diagnosis for immediate treatment of the patient's condition.


  • General surgery
  • Critical care
  • Neurosciences
  • Transplant medicine
Distance: 33.2 KMs Time: 49 Minutes
Distance: 3.7 KMs Time: 11 Minutes
  • Availabilty of Luxury as well as Budget friendly hotels.
  • Proper Availablity of Shops and Stores nearby Hospitals.


  • There are 24-hours customer care service, ICU facilities, blood bank and Pathological Laboratory, advanced operation theatres, lounge services in the medical facility.
  • You may also avail the ATM, cafeteria, and ample car parking facilities within the hospital premises.


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