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Medeor Hospital

Medeor Hospital

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Medeor Hospital, part of Burjeel Holdings, is a leading multi-specialty facility delivering world-class care across 35 specialties, with 24/7 emergency services. Serving Abu Dhabi for over a decade, our commitment lies in employing cutting-edge treatments and technologies alongside compassionate, personalized care.

Our dedicated team, comprising doctors, nurses, and support staff, strives to ensure each patient receives the necessary care for their well-being. We strongly believe in making quality healthcare accessible and affordable for everyone.

Being the preferred choice for world-class care, Medeor Hospital transcends the notion of a traditional healthcare facility. We envision it as a safe, caring space where your best interests are our priority. Grateful for every opportunity to showcase our commitment to your well-being, we are more than just a hospital; we are your health partners.

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