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  • S L Raheja Hospital a Fortis associate, world-class multispecialty hospital in Mumbai. It has nearly 170-beds, and it offers comprehensive medical care and a compassionate environment. The Hospital is functioning smoothly only due to dedicated management by doctors, nurses, paramedics and other staff.  
  • S L Raheja Hospital has a dedicated emergency and casualty department that adheres to international standards and provides 24x7 critical care services efficiently. They have been known for many decades for their unmatched expertise in the fields of diabetes and oncology.
  • S L Raheja Hospital have a strong history of working on the most complex and challenging cases. They house state-of-the-art operation theaters and have a team of experts in their respective areas of specialization. 
  • Apart from being one of the most sought-after hospitals in Mumbai, S.L. Raheja Hospital excels in clinical excellence and distinctive patient care. S.L. Raheja - A Fortis Associate has been the principal hospital for all medical specialties in the city of Mumbai. 

Conclusion, S L Raheja Hospital is home to the Diabetic Association of India, a center for the awareness and treatment of diabetes mellitus. It is the only association in India that caters to over 20,000 diabetic patients in a year and the associated fields resulting from diabetic complications.



  • Cosmetic, reconstructive & plastic surgery
  • General surgery
  • Critical care
  • Neurosciences
  • Diabetes, endocrinology & metabolic disorders
Distance: 8 Kms - Duration: 20 Minutes
Distance: 10 Kms - Duration: 24 Minutes
Distance: 1 Kms - Duration: 5 Minutes
  • Budget and comfortable stay options are available near the hospital. -4 star and 5 star hotel options are also available nearby.


  • Dedicated Parking Space Large Waiting Space Dedicated Billing Room Special waiting room for kids Specialized Cancer Care rooms Bone Marrow Transplant Unit Labor Room Advanced OT


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1 - To get an appointment, you can contact SL Raheja Hospital at +918956087400 or mail them at [email protected]

2 - SL Raheja is located in Mahim, west. The complete address is: Raheja Rugnalaya Marg, Mahim (W), Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400016, India.

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