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Kati Vasti

Kati Vasti is a specialized Ayurvedic therapy that involves creating a well around the lower back using dough, and filling it with warm herbal oil. This therapeutic oil pool is maintained for a specific duration. Kati Vasti aims to alleviate lower back pain, stiffness, and muscular tension. The warm herbal oil penetrates deeply, nourishing and revitalizing the affected area. This therapy offers targeted relief, promoting flexibility and restoring balance to the lower back region.


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About Kati Vasti

Kati Vasti, an intricate Ayurvedic practice, concentrates on the lower back's vital energy center. The therapy involves crafting a dough barrier on the back and filling it with warmed herbal oil. This unique reservoir is meticulously maintained, allowing the oil to delve deep into the lower back. This profound infusion of herbal nourishment soothes, revitalizes, and seeks to untangle the knots of discomfort, stiffness, and pain. Kati Vasti offers a tailored remedy, addressing lower back concerns with a focused precision that fosters renewed flexibility and holistic equilibrium.


Procedure of Kati Vasti

  • Dough Preparation: Create a circular dough dam on the lower back, surrounding the affected area.
  • Herbal Oil Heating: Warm herbal oil and ensure it's comfortably warm for the therapy.
  • Oil Filling: Pour the warm herbal oil into the dough dam, allowing it to pool around the lower back.
  • Oil Retention: Maintain the oil pool for a specific duration, letting the herbal goodness penetrate the area.
  • Completion: After the therapy, gently remove the dough, and allow the oil to remain on the skin for some time before cleansing. This enhances absorption and therapeutic effects.

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