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Potli massage

Potli massage is an Ayurvedic therapy that involves using heated herbal poultices, or "potlis," to massage the body. These poultices are filled with a blend of aromatic herbs, oils, and spices. The warm and fragrant potlis are pressed and kneaded onto the body, creating a therapeutic synergy of heat, herbs, and touch. This massage technique aims to alleviate pain, improve circulation, relax muscles, and promote overall well-being. The combination of heat and herbal infusion enhances the body's response to the massage, making potli massage a rejuvenating and soothing experience for both the body and mind.


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About Potli massage

Potli massage, an ancient Ayurvedic practice, introduces a unique sensory journey using heated bundles of herbal goodness called "potlis." These pouches, meticulously crafted with aromatic herbs, spices, and oils, are gently pressed and rhythmically massaged onto the body. The gentle warmth and herbal infusion synergize with skilled touch to ease tension, promote circulation, and invigorate muscles. The experience transcends the tactile, as the potent blend of heat and herbs engages the body's innate healing response. In this fusion of ancient wisdom and tactile comfort, potli massage offers a holistic escape that pampers both the body and soul.


Procedure of Potli massage

  • Herbal Blend Preparation: Create herbal poultices (potlis) filled with a mix of aromatic herbs, oils, and spices tailored to the individual's needs.

  • Heating the Potlis: Warm the potlis by steaming or heating, ensuring they are at a comfortable temperature for the massage.

  • Positioning: The individual lies down on a comfortable surface, and the therapist applies gentle oil to the body to prepare for the massage.

  • Potli Massage: The therapist uses the heated potlis to gently knead, press, and massage the body in rhythmic motions, focusing on specific areas of tension or discomfort.

  • Completion and Rest: After the massage, allow the herbal oils to penetrate the skin for a short period before taking a warm bath or shower to aid absorption. This rest period enhances the therapeutic effects of the treatment.


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