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Ubtan Treatment

Ubtan treatment is a traditional skincare practice originating from South Asia. It includes a mixture of natural ingredients like turmeric, chickpea flour, and sandalwood powder. These are combined with milk or yogurt and applied to the skin for exfoliation, brightening, and hydration. Ubtan provides benefits such as unclogging pores, improving skin tone, and embracing natural ingredients. It holds cultural significance and provides a sensory aromatherapy experience.

While generally safe, patch testing is advised for sensitive skin. Ubtan adds a holistic aspect to modern skincare routines for healthier, radiant skin.


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About Ubtan Treatment

Ubtan treatment, originating in South Asia, is a revered skin care tradition that fuses nature's treasures into a potent concoction. Its core ingredients include turmeric for radiance, chickpea flour for gentle exfoliation, sandalwood for soothing, and dairy for hydration. These harmonious elements blend into a fragrant paste, artfully applied to the skin. Circular massages invite tradition to intertwine with self-care.

As the paste dries, time seems to stand still. Warm water unveils a rejuvenated canvas, where tradition and nature converge to nurture the skin. Ubtan treatment offers a bridge between heritage and modernity, promising revitalized and resplendent skin.


Procedure of Ubtan Treatment

Using ubtans on the skin is a traditional skin beautification technique that dates back to ancient times when it was difficult to obtain ready-made cosmetics and services. Ayurvedic traditions dating back 6000 years state that Ubtans were historically made using a coarsely ground bean as the foundation. Indians have been using facial ubtans, which are natural cleaners, for ages to have clear, glowing skin. Regular contact with chemicals, dust, and pollution ages the skin faster and destroys it. Through Ubtan, the selected herbal mixture is absorbed through the skin's surface, boosting the impact, while abhyangam enhances circulation and oleates the skin. Since there is no chemical treatment involved, doing this daily is safe.

It starts with full-body Abhyangam with oil, wherein massage is done with different strokes lubricating the skin and improving circulation.

• Post the Abhyang, ubtan paste made in milk, rose water, etc. is applied over the body. This application is allowed to dry.

• This is followed by a Swedish procedure wherein steam is given, this helps in opening up the skin pores facilitating the elimination of waste products through sweat.

• The combination of herbs for Ubtan is chosen as per the skin type of the individual.

Some of the common ubtans are as follows:

  • Mix Ingredients: Combine turmeric, chickpea flour, sandalwood powder, and optional herbal powders in a bowl.
  • Blend with Dairy: Add milk or yogurt to create a paste of desired consistency.
  • Apply on Skin: Gently massage the paste onto your face or body using circular motions.
  • Let It Dry: Allow the paste to dry for several minutes, embracing the sensation.
  • Rinse Off: Wash off the dried paste with lukewarm water, revealing refreshed skin underneath.

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