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University Hospital Frankfurt

University Hospital Frankfurt

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University Hospital Frankfurt, established in 1914, is a leading German clinic seamlessly integrating therapy, rehabilitation, and research. Over 100 years, it has gained global acclaim.

Comprising 32 departments, 10 specialized centers, and 25 institutes, the hospital accommodates approximately 1360 patients. With a workforce of over 4,500, including 800 top-tier specialists and 1,400 nurses, the clinic ensures exceptional care.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, every department offers the latest generation facilities. Patient rooms are designed for utmost comfort, featuring amenities like showers, toilets, mini-bars, refrigerators, safes, TVs, DVD players, and telephones.

The hospital annually caters to around 50,000 inpatients and 200,000 outpatients, with over 3,000 international patients seeking medical care. The medical center serves as the foundation for various affiliated institutions.


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